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Birthday Party Suppliers in Mississauga

Everyone wants a great celebration for their birthday – whether they are five, 25, or 50, it should be great fun surrounded by friends and family.  There are some fantastic birthday party suppliers in Mississauga that have all the necessary items for a fantastic birthday party.

Birthday Express is a great suppliers that fulfills all the birthday wises with an incredible assortment of themes for men, women, boys, girls, and even babies and toddlers.  Whether it’s a classic theme filled with Dr. Seuss, Barnyard friends, Cowboys, Ninja Warriors, Snow White, or all the Princess who can fit into one big party room, Birthday Express has the perfect items in stock to decorate for the successful party.  Be sure to check on their sale items and their discount programs – which will make every birthday party that much better!

children at birthday party

Celebrate Express has just the perfect supplies whether it’s for a First Birthday or an Over the Hill Celebration, the balloons, decorations, favors, plates, cups, and napkins are all perfectly coordinated to satisfy even the pickiest of birthday celebrities.   They even have a great supply of favors, toys, and piñatas to add just that extra fun to the party (and age is not important when it comes to party favors and toys)!  They offer a variety of themes and have a variety of great deals and sales throughout each month to supply the best party ever!

From Spiderman to Batman, Darth Vader to Yoda, from Princess Aurora to Cinderella, or Ariel to Snow White, Party City has the costumes, party supplies including matching decorations, dinnerware, invitations, chafing dishes, tableware, and balloons for a great price.  Check out their specials and discounts that will make the party even better.

When there’s a desire to take the birthday party to the next level, Events Direct can exceed expectations.  For the youngster’s party, they have an assortment of Bouncy Castles, inflatable games, carnival games and even live performers.  They offer a great selection of foods including popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, and they do a great monster BBQ.  In addition, they offer a variety of sound systems, tables, chairs, tents, and other great supplies for the party.  Be sure to check out their special packages and their party room if there’s a need for more space.

For a larger, more formal birthday party, Meadowvale Party Rentals have all the supplies that are needed for a successful party – including fine tableware, tents, tables, chairs, event equipment that ranges from a large portable grill to black jack tables and stages, and even a caterer who can prepare everything from breakfast, lunch, BBQs, pizzas, assorted trays, and even exceptional dinners for a reasonable price.  They have a variety of catering menus that specialize in corporate, holiday parties, and home parties with enough variety that everyone can enjoy.

Go all out for the birthday party this year, because there are plenty of excellent Birthday Party suppliers in Mississauga who can provide everything that is needed for a great party.

10 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy This Summer

Summers are fun time for children as they look forward to dollops of ice cream and cool, colorful, and refreshing drinks. However, summers also mean hot and dry weather that can take a serious toll on your child’s health.

Let’s take a look at these 10 ways to keep your child healthy summer.

  1. Keep your house cool – Resist the temptation to open windows or curtains and blinds the moment you get up. It will only end up making the house uncomfortably hot. Also, children tend to feel the heat even more than adults, and it’s better to use a fan or air conditioners to maintain the temperature indoors.
  2. Keep your children well-hydrated – Make sure your child is taking enough fluids to make up for the loss of water through sweating. Most children do not want to drink plain water frequently and you need to entice them with a variety of liquids like fruit juices, sorbets, lemonades, etc. At the same time, avoid adding too much sugar to the drink and if possible, go for fresh fruit juices instead of packaged ones.
  3. Avoid junk: Prepare healthy snacks – Summers are synonymous with long days, and growing children tend to get hungry every few hours. While they tend to gravitate towards junk food like chips and cola, it is up to you to keep them on the right track by involving them in making healthy snacks like vegetable sandwiches, fruit salads, frozen yogurt, etc.
  4. Dress your child in cotton clothes and head gear – It is better to not allow children to play outdoors while the heat is at its peak, however, you can’t stop them completely from going out. Encourage them to wear light cotton clothes and summer hats or caps while going out in the sun to avoid feeling dizzy and to protect their skin from heat rashes.
  5. Art and craft classes – Children tend to get restless when they have nothing to do and the only solution in sight in such a case is the ubiquitous television. Try to enroll your child in art and craft classes or other hobby classes like drama, music (learning a musical instrument or vocal), abacus, robotics, etc. depending on his/her interest area.

Staying active is important for both physical and mental health of your child and early mornings and late evenings are great for some outdoor fun activities.


  1. Cycling – Children grow faster during summers and you must take full advantage of this fact by ensuring they ride their bikes everyday for at least 30-45 minutes. This will help them in building muscle strength and stamina, and gaining height faster.
  2. Swimming – Another great way of keeping your children healthy and happy in summers is getting them to swim regularly. Of course, you must ensure that your child is swimming under supervision and the pool is cleaned regularly to avoid the risk of drowning or falling sick.
  3. Dancing – Let your child dance away to health. Dancing refreshes the mind and is a great exercise for kids and adults alike. Moreover, it’s also the “in thing” to do.
  4. Going to the park – Most playgrounds today have evolved from the basic swings and slides days and there are a whole lot of activities that one can do there. And even if your neighborhood playground is just that – a playground with no frills, it is still a safe area for your kids to play with friends.
  5. Sports clubs: These clubs usually offer a variety of both indoor and outdoor games as well as coaching. Joining a sports club, if you have one nearby, will ensure that even your hard-to-please child finds some game that will take his fancy and keep him happily and actively occupied.




Top 10 Group Events in Mississauga This Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching, the weather is getting warmer, and once again families and friends are looking for great ways to get together and have some fun.  There are numerous group events in Mississauga happening all around this summer that are great for the very young and the young at heart.

What could be better on a summer day that a pile of Ribs, all the food that can be eaten and drinks galore?  Well Celebration Square has just ticket for a group event – RibFest!  The singers are great, the food is amazing, and the fun is unlimited for everyone in the family.

When planning a group event for the kids, Super Science has some amazing hands-on workshops that are specifically designed for kids in a variety of ages.  Whether it’s a daycare program, YMCA group, or Scouting program, Super Science has some wonderful programs for kids between the ages of five and 12.  Check out their web site and see what they have schedule for each week and get the kids together for a fun afternoon – just don’t tell them it will be educational!

People of every ages loves it when the Shrine Circus comes to town.  This is a renowned family circus that is coming into their 251st season.  Adults will fondly remember their first time at the circus and will have even more fun taking the kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews to their first circus.  Regardless of the ages, the Circus is great fun for everyone plus the animals are amazing and always treated with the utmost in love and kindness.  It’s not just the animals that thrills audiences, it’s the acrobatics and aerial shows that will amaze and astonish even the seasoned circus—goer.  From one to 91, everyone has fun at the Circus!


Have a group of friends who enjoy Bird watching?  Join the Bird Watching Hikes from Saddington Park in Mississauga throughout the summer.  The hikes are great exercise for the entire family and it’s always a treat for the kids to learn about the wide variety of birds which are indigenous to the area and the ones who are just visiting for the summer.  It’s a great activity for the entire family.

Another great way for a group of family and friends to spend a day together at the Playdium – the Ultimate place to play because it’s a winner of the best interactive entertainment for children in the area.  Their entertainment areas include go carts, miniature golf, baseball dome, bumper cars, water wars, and video games for everyone.  They offer discount tickets for large groups, birthday, and corporate events, and their 40,000 square foot indoor complex makes it terrific for everyone regardless of the outside weather.

Most people enjoy summer plays, concerts, museums, or getting out for a relaxing day at a park with a picnic and friends.  There’s plenty of activities to go around where the entire family can have fun at the zoo, a theme park, or any of the numerous events in town.

Boys Birthday Party Ideas

Boys are overcharged, have lots of energy to waste and can get easily bored. But birthdays are special for boys and you just have to mention it to see the twinkle of excitement in their eyes. You can make that day even more special and memorable by just putting a little more effort into it. To entertain this battalion of little mischief-makers, you can get the party packed with fun.

Here are a few boys birthday party ideas that you can go for this summer for your son’s birthday party.

Heroes theme party


Boys love to play heroes and rescuers of maids in distress. From firefighters and cops to pilots and marines, the whole idea of completing an impossible mission will get them started. And of course, one can always have a costume party with guests, both boys and girls, dressed as their favorite super heroes – Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, etc. You can have a cake in the shape of your boy’s favorite super hero and have super hero symbol icing on your cup cakes. Be creative with the invites as well; for example, go for super hero mask invites or pop-up invites. Comic books make great decoration and return-gift wrapping material. Color theme for the party has to be dark – red, black, dark shades of blue and green.  For snacks, combine junk with super foods to balance it out! As for games, have a mask making

Camping theme party


Children love to be outdoors and having a birthday party with elements of camping thrown in is sure to be a hot favorite with all of them. You can plan it as a late evening party or even a sleep over; however, starting while there is still light outside will give the kids some time to play a few fun games as well. You will need to buy or rent some small tents that can be easily put up. Come evening and you can start the bonfire and a barbeque dinner followed by dancing to the boys’ favorite music. Some great games and activities for an outdoor party are darts, ten-pin bowling, wheel barrow racing, or depending on their age, target shooting with air guns, of course under your watchful eyes.

Pirates theme party

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Heroes are great, but pirates, they are in a different league altogether! Let the kids have their very own pirate party with the birthday boy playing Capt. Jack Sparrow! Mention the theme in your invitation (perhaps a message in a bottle or a scull or pirate ship shaped card) and have a changing room for guests where they can perfect each other’s pirate looks, apart from their own. Make sure your boy has the pirate accessories like the eye patch, skull bead necklace, tattoos, scarf or hat and an earring for his outfit and help him get the pirrrrrate accent right! For inspiration, you can refer to any number of pirate movies – from Treasure Island to Pirates of the Caribbean. For décor, try to make a cardboard pirate ship and paint it like the Black Pearl! Don’t forget the crossbones symbol on the ship’s flag. You can place the ship as a centerpiece on the table if it isn’t too huge; else you can put it in side of the room. Some other tidbits must for your decorations are: net, gold and silver chocolate coins, toy swords and shield, sea shells, and a toy parrot. For snacks, you can have sea food or at least those that are shaped like it. Make fresh watermelon or any red fruit juice for the blood effect.

Bowling in Etobicoke

Bowling is a sport that is well loved by people of all age groups. And why not? It’s a lot of fun besides being a good exercise. It strengthens the muscles in arms, chest and legs and boosts heart fitness. Whether you are with friends, family or on a date, bowling together is a great way to bond. And if you are in Etobicoke, Toronto, Planet Bowl is just the place to be. Be it an hour of bowling in Etobicoke with friends or snacking, Planet Bowl is sure to exceed your expectations.

Events and Parties

Peter's Bowling Event 252

Planet Bowl is also an excellent venue for holding events. With three spacious private party rooms, modern facilities and fully functional kitchen, it is the perfect choice for holding birthday parties, corporate events, group events, family celebrations, wedding rehearsal dinners, etc. You can also choose rooms according to the number of guests you are expecting. The birthday package includes an hour of bowling for the guests. For group events Planet Bowl’s huge experience in holding all types of parties successfully ensures a hiccup-free event.

Bowling League

Joining Planet Bowl’s bowling league is a perfect way to stay physically active and healthy in a fun way regardless of your age, however, it is especially good for children who otherwise end up spending a lot of time in front of the television, playing videogames or simply surfing the web. Moreover, it provides a platform for children and youngsters to socialize and make friends and also instills a competitive spirit in them. League games in Planet Bowl are held only once a week, and include three games.  Adults can be a part of the League as well and special discounts are available for group or corporate bookings.

Orbit Café

All that striking and rolling is sure to make you hungry and Planet Bowl’s Orbit Café has the answer – Choose from a juicy chicken wing, a large pizza, Nachos, pasta, fajita or Mediterranean food. If you have a sweet tooth, indulge in mini pastries or pick from its fresh fruit display.

Cosmic/X-treme Bowling


Apart from 10-pin bowling, Planet Bowl is also the best Cosmic Bowling venue in Etobicoke. Played under dim light with glowing lasers dancing all around you and loud music in the background, Cosmic Bowling can be an “other-worldly” experience and hence, the name. If you are new to bowling or introducing your kids to it, this experience is likely to hook you to the sport. Kids especially enjoy it and are awed by the illuminated bowling pins and balls, not to mention the fluorescent lights on their bodies and clothes. In fact, Cosmic Bowling as a part of your kid’s birthday party or celebrations with friends can be a great idea.

The selection of Planet Bowl as the official bowling venue for Pan Am 2015 reflects its reputation as one of the best bowling venues in the area. Come summer 2015 and the place will play host to this International Bowling Tournament with players from all of Americas and Caribbean.