Kids Birthday In Mississauga

Birthdays come only once a year. Hence, it should be celebrated in some way that can be remembered even as years go by. Parents and party organizers consider holding kids birthday in Mississauga because of its breathtaking views. Apart from that, this Canadian city offers a wide variation of venues to choose from with bowling centers being their first choice.

children at birthday party

In preparation for the upcoming event, you must have knowledge of the 3 F’s that kids want to see on their birthday—food, fun games, and of course, their friends. Traditional birthdays are usually held at home, in school, or inside restaurants. Now if you are worrying about how you are going to find ways to revolutionize a children’s party, the answer is just around the corner.

Here’s a short yet comprehensive birthday party planning checklist to follow to make sure that the birthday celebrant and the guests will surely enjoy:

Where To

Celebrating a kids birthday party in Mississauga is such a great idea. Although throwing a party has never been easy from the very beginning, you can always change it by means of spending it somewhere new, some place where you won’t need to wash all the dishes and refill each guest’s glass when they become empty. When you are clueless on where to go, try going online and learn what kids usually anticipate to see on their special day.


While there are several bowling venues available, you can also book reservations for parties and company functions right on the webpage of the official host of bowling contests, known as Planet Bowl. Over here there are three available private rooms that can cater a maximum number of 16, 24, and 28 kids depending on your preference. By just filling out the online form, you can free yourself from the hassle of going door-to-door or checking out every site. Their customer support is available anytime any day, so queries can be addressed promptly.  Make sure that you make reservations ahead of time to avoid conflicts.

How to Get There

You won’t have any trouble finding the facility, as it is strategically located along Eglinton Avenue, near the Centennial Park Golf Centre.  If you are bringing your can on the occasion for a kids birthday party in Mississauga, looking for a space won’t be bothersome. There is a secure parking lot in the area, which can also be turned into an event site. If you are planning to commute, there are five Mississauga transits all pass along Orbitor Drive or Spectrum Way.

Food, Drinks, and More

The Kid’s Birthday Party Package is inclusive of the invites, an hour of bowling experience, and an hour at the party room.  Since this package is applicable for a minimum of four guests, each guest will get to have a slice of pizza, popcorn, and a soft drink. Plus, you get to save $3.10 because the shoe rentals are already included.

With Planet Bowl, you never let a year elapse without letting your child feel that he or she is beyond special on their big day. This is truly a magical place when your child experiences happiness beyond measure and you get to organize that at a reasonable price.

Bowling Weekends With The Kids

Kids have been extra busy with technology just like their parents and older siblings. This statement is so true. Teaching technology to children while they are young is a virtue as they would find themselves in need of this training when they grow up. However, without a planned activity, health could deteriorate as the body is only limited to sitting or passive positions. In this light, some things have to take a back seat for a while and focusing on active playtime is a must.

Family Bowling

Parent could initiate some action within the family to take away fears that may damage the well beings of the young ones. Why not have kids indulge in bowling that can promote a healthy individual? Bowling has been known as a kind sport that is not harsh. Much more, there are trainers open for consultation who can guide them during their weekend bowls.

Let us take a look at some fun kids bowling Toronto locations which can transform the kids into more active individuals:

  1. Kids Fun City – A place where the young meets his future sport. There are two bowling lanes, mini golf course and a whole lot of old fashioned arcade games the kids would definitely love. This is where kids can be the master of the game. Bowling will thrill them no end as they are bound to hit the pins by hook or by crook!
  1. Playtime Bowl – Enjoy a classic bowling party on this venue with all those laser lights and fun packages. That cosmic effect in this venue is truly a great experience for the kids. Kids bowling is at its best and with your child’s friends around, expect a real enjoyable environment!
  1. Thorncliffe Bowlerama – This is the ultimate destination for kiddie bowlers. They offer parties and also Bumper Bowling that guarantees a surefire hit; add up some lightweight balls for young players to use! The experience can surely raise your child’s morale.
  1. Danforth Bowl – This kids bowling Toronto location boasts of friendly service, exhilarating game with glow in the dark pins and gutters. What is good to know is that it does not have the ultra modern appeal of other venues; it looks somewhat laidback but the technology is put to use in favor of its patrons.

There are numerous bowling centers that can provide you with your expected results. The thing is you only have to decide which one you would visit first. You had better inquire on deals that are offered during weekends, packages and most of all the food served on specific venues.  These are very crucial when you are planning to go out with the entire bunch as you cannot afford not to feed them after a game, right?

Whichever bowling location you may choose to go you would certainly talk about the best experience you have had with your family; especially your child. And the best thing is—you have created another kind of individual out of your former passive kid!

2015 Bowling Rates & Prices Toronto: Bowlerama, Playtime Bowl, Planet Bowl, Classic Bowl and the Ballroom

2015 Bowling Rates & Prices Toronto – Compare All Your Top Toronto Bowling Alleys


Looking to find the best bowling rates Toronto has to offer? Well look no further, we’ve done all the research for you. Find below the best local bowling rates Toronto bowling centres are currently running:

Playtime Bowl 2014 Bowling Rates Toronto: Located at 33 Samor Rd. – Toronto, Ontario, M6A 1J2 close to Yorkdale mall, Playtime Bowl offers cosmic and regular 10-pin bowling and packages for parties and corporate events. Here are Playtime Bowl’s bowling rates:

Shoe Rentals – $3.81

Monday – Friday : 11AM – 5PM
Regular Bowling: $3.99 per game/person
Regular Bowling: $19.99 per/lane/hour

Cosmic Bowling: $4.99 per game/person
Cosmic Bowling: $26.99 per/lane/hour

Monday – Thursday : 5PM – Close
Regular Bowling: $24.99/lane/hour
Cosmic Bowling: $29.99/lane/hour

Friday, and Saturday : 5PM – 9PM
Cosmic Bowling: $29.99/lane/hour

Fridays and Saturdays from 9PM – 3AM
Club Cosmic Bowling: $34.99/lane/hour

Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Cosmic Bowling: $29.99/lane/hour

Sunday: 11am-4pm
Cosmic Bowling: $29.99/lane/hour

Planet Bowl 2014 Bowling Rates Toronto
: Conveniently located in Etobicoke this is the bowling alley to go to if you live in the Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke or Brampton area. Priding itself for its kid’s birthday party packages and corporate events, Planet Bowl has full kitchen services and 3 party rooms to accommodate your guests. Featuring bowling leagues and glow in the dark cosmic bowling it’s a fun place to be for the whole family.  Here are the bowling rates for Planet Bowl’s daily deals:

  • Monday: 2 for 1 Mondays: Every game you buy get one free (after 9:00pm)
  • Tuesday: Toonie Tuesday: $2.00 per game – $2.00 shoe rental (after 9:00pm)
  • Wednesday: Quarter/Game Wednesday: $5.00 Cover Charge per person $0.25 per game $2.00 shoe rental (after 8:00pm)
  • Thursday: Casino Night Thursday: $7.77/2 hours of bowling per person (after 9:00pm)
  • Friday: Family Bowl Sunday: $39.99 per lane 2 hours of bowling & shoe rental included (7:00pm – 10:00pm)

If you want to inquire about hosting a bowling party, corporate event or have any general questions feel free to give Planet Bowl a call at 416-695-2695.

Bowlerama Bowling Rates Toronto: Bowlerama is a popular bowling alley with 6 locations in Toronto. Similar to most other bowling centres. Bowlerama also offers corporate and party events and league bowling. They also have a Pro Shop store selling branded merchandise from all the major bowling manufacturers.

Bowlerama does not advertise its bowling rates online. You’ll have to call your nearest location to find out bowling rates and specials.

Bowlerama Newtonbrook:
Yonge St. at Cummer Avenue in North York, one block north of Finch Ave.
Call (416) 222-4657 for information or reservations.

Bowlerama Toronto West:
5429 Dundas Street West, just East of highway #427.
Call (416) 239-3536 for reservations.

Bowlerama Mississauga (Rexdale):
115 Rexdale Blvd.,
Call (416) 743-8388. Check out Cosmic Bowling today.

Bowlerama Stoney Creek:
121 Highway #8 in Stoney Creek.
Call (905) 662-2058 for information or reservations.

Bowlerama Royale:
2086 Dundas St. East in London.
Call (519) 452-0052 for information or reservations.

Bowlerama Barrie:
320 Bayfield Street in Barrie.
Call (705) 739-2269 for information or reservations

Classic Bowl Rates: Classic bowl is yet another bowling alley that offers several events. You can book birthday parties for your kids also. Their rates are given below:

Monday – Thursday:

11am – 12pm: $12.99 + tax

12pm – 6pm: $24.99 + tax

6pm-11pm: $31.99 + tax


11am – 12pm: $12.99 + tax

12pm – 6pm: $24.99 + tax

6pm – 1am: $31.99 + tax


11am – 12pm: $12.99 + tax

12pm – 6pm: $24.99 + tax

6pm – 1am: $31.99 + tax


11am – 12pm: $12.99 + tax

12pm – 11pm: $29.99 + tax

Classic Bowl also offers shoes at rent for $3.89 + tax per pair. They offer Cosmic Bowling that starts at 10pm on Fridays and closes at 2pm on Saturdays.

Ballroom Bowl 2014 Rates: Located in downtown Toronto, The Ballroom is an interactive entertainment center that can accommodate up to 900 guests at a time. It offers four bars, great snacks and rooftop patios for the guests. Its opening hours are:

Monday – Friday:

Open – 5pm : $35.00 for up to 8 bowlers

Monday – Wednesday:

5pm – Close: $50 for up to 8 bowlers

Thursday – Friday:

5pm – Close: $65 for up to 8 bowlers

Saturday – Sunday:

Open – 5pm: $35 for up to 8 bowlers

5pm – 2am: $65 for up to 8 bowlers


Now that you know all about the best bowling rates Toronto has to offer you can make a more informed choice as to which bowling alley you’d like to go to with friends and family, hold your child’s next birthday party at or organize a corporate event that’s around the corner.

Halloween Haunted House at Planet Bowl‏

Glow In The Dark Bowling Mississauga

Bowling is widely known to be one of the classic indoor games in the world. But little do people know that bowling can also be an extreme sport. Travelers from different parts of the world love visiting places like Mississauga for its endless surprises from tourist spots to amusement parks. Another reason that this suburb stands out from the rest of Ontario’s cities is that they have added entertainment to a 10-pin bowling game.


Being newly acquainted with the City of Mississauga’s fun-filled spots does not mean that you can’t enjoy all of the best places there is. In fact, if you are trying to look for an arena that showcases a different kind of glow in the dark bowling Mississauga experience, you need not look elsewhere.

Planet Bowl, the official venue for Mississauga’s bowling competitions, is where both amateur and professional bowlers get to enjoy the funky craze in bowling. If you are wondering why this is the best place to pull a stopover, read these benefits and find out why it easily catches the attention of both locals and tourists.

By visiting the latest buzz in Mississauga, you will be able to get the following benefits:

  • Unique Bowling Experience – The room gets dimmed, alleys get illuminated, DJs turn the music up, and you wear comfortable neon outfits. You don’t have to worry about where to look because even the pins are neon-colored. If it’s your first time to join, you won’t need to think about if you’re going to win or lose the game; what matters is you were able to relax and get pleasure from it.
  • Party All You Want – Who said partying is only for teens? At the bowling venues, not only do kids get to play the sport but also adults. There are a lot of great deals being offered for special events such as birthdays and corporate outings. In addition, they have discounted rates depending on the season, day of the week, and time. To top it off, this is where you can stop ‘til you drop because the neon-inspired bowling site closes at 2 in the morning.
  • Physical Fitness – When a person joins the fun in glow in the dark bowling Mississauga, he or she already performs an anaerobic exercise. With that being said, excess calories get burned and frequently used muscles get stretched and flexed. If you feel that you have been ignoring your health lately, this is a good place where you can get that physically-fit body once again.
  • Psychosocial Well-BeingIn bowling, just like other sports, you are able to learn the spirit of teamwork, discipline, and enhancing your skills as a player. Aside from strengthening camaraderie, you will encounter new faces every time you enter its premises.

Come and visit the incredible and popular glow in the dark bowling Mississauga facility. Apart from its state-of-the-art internal and external structural design, its bowling alley follows the standard requirements when it comes to measurement and materials used. The brilliant minds behind this facility made innovations on how bowling is played and because of them; bowling has never been so much fun!


The holidays are here! Time to bowl! Here are our holiday hours:

Wednesday December 24th: 10AM-5PM
Thursday December 25th: CLOSED
Friday December 26th: Noon-Midnight
Wednesday December 31st: 10AM-1AM
Thursday January 1st: Noon-Midnight

Happy Holidays from the Planet Bowl Family!

Changes to Deals: Quarter Nights are Mondays and Tuesdays!


We at Planet Bowl would like to thank all of our customers for their years of dedication to the sport of bowling and your continued trust in us to provide the best venue to participate in. With that, some changes to our deals are being made. In an effort to improve the service we are putting our Quarter Night Deals on Mondays & Tuesdays while the other nights will revert to regular pricing. We will do our very best to provide service you can rely upon!

Happy Holidays from the Planet Bowl family!

Top 5 Healthy Gifts for Kids this Year

As children get older, they will start to realize that practical gifts can be as great as toys, video games, and money. They might get there with clothes faster, but they will soon learn that the necessities can be as good as anything that will break in a few weeks could be. For kids young and old, gifts that improve their health not only shows you care, but shows that you want to make an investment in their well being. Here are the top 5 healthy gifts for kids this year:

  1. Smart Toothbrush

The Beam smart toothbrush uses a smartphone app to help keep track of a child’s oral health and activities. The app and toothbrush communicate via Bluetooth, and the brush itself holds about three weeks’ worth of information. This brush will help the child know how long to brush using a light up display and the ability to play a song while brushing. The song can help the child brush longer and keep track of the amount of time he or she brushes. If oral health is a continuing issue, the toothbrush can also forward information to an email account to then send to your dentist. This toothbrush is relatively cheap at $25 in stores, with $4 for replacement heads. The toothbrush runs on AA batteries.

beam smart toothbrush

  1. Water Bottle

If you are looking for something that is super budget friendly, or you do want to get a special child in your life a toy and something healthy, a water bottle is a great idea. There are many different types of water bottles. You can get ones that keep the water cold, one that filters tap water, or personalized bottles with his or her name on it. Getting someone a water bottle that they really like will encourage him or her to drink more water, which helps keep plaque and bacteria levels in the mouth low.

  1. Kidliga Dishware

Kids will be excited to eat well balanced meals with their own Kidliga dishware set. The set uses the stamped on pattern to show portion sizes and the accompanying book, Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: The Search for a Balanced Meal teaches kids all about healthy eating and includes recipes and a teaching guide so it continues through later in life.

  1. Cookbook

Going right along with the dishware, buying your child a cookbook will help him or her understand what is going into everything we eat. Talk to the child about healthy foods and what impact sugary foods has on oral health. Many cookbooks show how to make sweeter foods in more healthy ways by using Stevia or applesauce as a sweetener. Cookbooks are available at any big box retail store, online, or in book stores. If you want to make it really special, including tooth-healthy copies of some family recipes in the back of the book.

  1. Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Playset

Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Playset

For children that aren’t quite at that age yet where they understand receiving healthy gifts from Santa, try the Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill playset. This will allow children to understand the importance of teeth, and what can happen if they don’t take care of them. It can also work to help ease you child’s fear of the dentist, because they have been one! It’s a fun, easier way to acquaint them with the idea that someone is going to be looking inside their mouths.

Sometimes a healthy gift isn’t practical or it isn’t really what you want to give, but it is the best option for either your budget, or the future of the child. It is also a great way to hint about a particular health aspect.

Planet Closed @4PM for Pan-Am Event Nov 30th

Attention all bowlers!

We at Planet Bowl are pleased to welcome all of the Pan-Am Volunteers for an orientation event. Unfortunately this will mean we will be closed to the public starting at 4PM. The countdown to Pan-Am is ever approaching and we look forward to seeing you all there!

5 Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Gums and Teeth Healthy

Dental hygiene is critically important for self-esteem, social success, and career success – so it is important to start young! Even though we may think that our children have teeth that are just going to fall out, so there is no real reason to take care of them, that isn’t true.



Here are 5 tips to keep your kid’s gums and teeth healthy :

  1. Start Children Early.

Did you know that 1 in 4 children will go to kindergarten with signs of tooth decay and poor tooth health? How about that over half of children under the age of 15 have at least one cavity? Dental care is important, as mentioned above, because their teeth are linked to their early social development. Teaching your child how to care for his or her teeth is important because they will continue to do so as they get older, limiting the trips to the dentist. Dental care should start as soon as the child get his or her first tooth. Start by using a damp cloth after each meal (you can buy them in the baby aisle if you want specific ones). As the child gets more teeth, move to a baby or toddler specific toothbrush. Once your child turns two, you should start letting him or her do most of the brushing and flossing twice a day, though you should monitor.

  1. Encourage Rinsing

Though most dentists recommend brushing after every meal, that isn’t always practical. If your child cannot brush or floss after a meal, encourage them to rinse out his or her mouth with an antibacterial rinse that is approved for children. This will counteract the buildup of plaque and staining. Make sure your child doesn’t swallow the rinse and that he or she uses it for at least thirty seconds.

  1. Tongue Cleaning

The tongue is a major source of bacteria that causes bad breath and general mouth problems. A dirty tongue will increase the amount of bacteria in your mouth that will end up causing more damage to the teeth and gums. Teach your child how to use a tongue scraper to remove plaque. This might be an activity you have to help him or her with for a few more years, as it requires a mirror.

  1. Replace Toothbrushes Often

Just like the tongue, teeth, and pretty much everything else, your child’s toothbrush will build up bacteria over time – no matter how often you rinse it and how well you dry it off. To stop the nasty pattern of mouth to toothbrush to mouth bacteria trades, replace the toothbrush or the electronic head at least every two to three months, more if you live in a humid environment.

  1. Use Fluoride

Fluoride is used to help teeth become stronger and resist tooth decay. Soft teeth have a tendency to wear down faster and get more cavities. Using a fluoride rinse (once your child is age appropriate – check the labels or talk to your dentist) in addition to regular oral health care will help your child in the long run. If you are worried about fluoride rinses, water is a great source of it! If you aren’t sure if you water is treated with fluoride, ask your local water authority or talk to your dentist.

The best tip of all is to keep up with regular visits to the dentist. As your child gets older, it will help him or her feel safer around the dentist and will keep oral health a top priority. There are many dentists that cater to young children, but a family dentist will know how to work with your child as well.