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Looking to organize a company party or event? Bowling Parties are your answer!

company party

Looking to organize a company/corporate party or event? Bowling Parties are your answer!

Running out of fresh and unique ideas for that next corporate event you need to organize? Let’s face it – it’s not always easy to please everyone. You need to find something that is fun, let’s all employees participate and work together as a team irrespective of age, gender and ability and you also need to take care of finer details like food and beverages.

But company group events are more than just about having employees hang out together and have a good time. Corporate team building events serve an important purpose. They are essential to promote employee unity, strengthen interpersonal relationships and build trust within the workplace.

Training programs are a rising trend and are increasingly popular amongst companies today. Organizations realize the need for conducting regular interactive group events to inculcate team building skills. These programs DO NOT have to be formal! Agreed that seminars and discussions about team building, leadership and other important work topics have their place but a practical, interactive fun experience will no doubt deliver an unforgettable experience.

Corporate Bowling Parties

If you’re looking to organize a corporate group event for your company, look no further than bowling parties. Bowling parties are not only entertaining; they’re a great way to socialize, encourage group interaction and are made to fit your corporate budget.

With bowling parties, size does not matter! As a small company or a large corporation, you can organize bowling parties and events for your employees. It is advised to make a reservation with your local bowling centre to reserve some lanes for the party in advance. You can reserve your bowling lanes online here at Planet Bowl. You can also order food like fresh hot pizzas and cool beverages to feed your staff.

Organizing teams and randomly assigning people from different levels of the company to each team is a great idea to help co-workers to get to know each other. Inter-staff tournaments add an element of competition making them highly entertaining. One of the plus points of bowling is that it is a sport with a very small learning curve making it easy to learn and play. People of any age, skill and even physical disabilities can bowl.

At Planet Bowl we’re there to help make your next company party a success by offering you exclusive corporate and group booking packages. We offer 3 private party rooms to choose from and modern kitchen facilities.

Bowling parties with 16 or more people can avail money saving hourly discounts!

Group Corporate Bowling Party Rates:

Here are the discounted rates for corporate group events with 16 or more people:
Monday to Friday:
Daytime (till 6PM) – $22.95 per lane per hour
Saturday & Sunday (till 6pm) – $24.95 per lane per hour
Sunday to Thursday Night – $25.95 per lane per hour
Friday & Saturday Night – $33.95 per lane per hour
Some additional details to be aware of include: Shoe rental rate is an added $2.62 per head and corporate bookings after 7pm on Friday and Saturday are not available. You can make reservations up to 72 hours in advance. Taxes will be extra. You can also choose to have an optional corporate room booked or staff can eat at the bowling lanes.

Want to make a reservation? See available dates and times and book online on our website today!

Bowling Leagues – A great way to keep active and have fun!

bowling leagues in Mississauga and Toronto

Bowling Leagues – A great way to keep active and have fun!

We all know how important it is to keep active. In an era of rising obesity in adults and children alike, keeping active is more important now than ever. How do you convince your kids to leave their favourite TV show and stop playing video games to go exercise? You’ve got to mix fun and activity together to get them excited. Here’s where bowling leagues come in. Bowling leagues are a great way to keep your kids active and help them interact, socialize and make new friends.

But bowling leagues are not just for kids. If you are a beginner or an experienced bowler, joining a bowling league can be an exciting experience. Bowling is a sport that has a low learning curve and allows you to meet different people and give you much-needed relaxation really helping you unwind from daily stresses. It also offers an element of competition making it a satisfying team sport to strive to get better at.

How Do Bowling Leagues Work?

There are many different kinds of bowling leagues. Adult and youth bowling to mixed leagues for both sexes. You can enroll into a bowling league by inquiring with your local bowling alley as to when they’re accepting new entries. Adult bowling leagues usually consist of 4-5 members and youth bowling is made up of teams of 3-4 players. A bowling league usually has 3 games with the entire game taking around 2.5 hours to play from start to finish. Many bowling leagues play for winning trophies or other awards and many leagues also play to raise money for funding projects or for charity, making bowling not only competitive and fun but also a rewarding experience.

Join A Bowling League Today!

To join a bowling league in the Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, Brampton or nearby areas sign up for the bowling league online here! We have bowling leagues for both adults and children. For kids, games are held once a week where your child gets to bowl three games and interact with other kids. This is a great way for your child to get out of the house, get active and have fun all at once. Call us to sign up your child for a league today!

By joining an adult league you get to connect with old friends and meet new acquaintances every week. If you’re been wanting to do something with a group of friends that everyone can participate in then bowling leagues are perfect for you. Put on your bowling shoes and call us to confirm your spot!

To sign up to a bowling league or check out rates and times simply head over to our website at or call us at 416-695-2695 during our business hours.

If you want fun, exercise, competition and socializing all in one (without breaking your wallet) bowling leagues are your definite answer – guaranteed!

Striking FUN with kids birthday parties at your local bowling alley

Striking FUN with kids birthday parties at your local bowling alley

Is your child’s birthday around the corner? Kids’ birthday parties are a very popular occurrence and parents are always looking for something different to do for their child’s special day. We all know that one of the most tedious things about hosting your child’s birthday party is trying to come up with ideas that will keep the children entertained.

There are usually 4 factors that make a successful birthday party for a child:

  1. They need something fun and unique to do.
  2. Exciting activities where they can burn off energy.
  3. A place that they can eat AND do activities.
  4. And most importantly – something that keeps their interest!

When you have a bowling party, everything is tailor made for you. Bowling parties are most popular for kids’ birthday parties. You’ll find that most reputable bowling centers have birthday party packages available and most serve food and beverages. Bowling parties are great for younger children as the bowling lanes have bumpers, preventing the ball from ending up in the gutter. Seeing excited, enthusiastic children really having a good time should be enough to convince you that holding kids birthday parties at a bowling alley is a big hit amongst kids – and their parents!

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when planning kids’ birthday parties at your local bowling alley:

  1. Age: A good age to have your child’s party is after he/she is at least 5 years old. Kids under this age will have trouble with even the lightest bowling ball.
  2. People: Usually you can have a maximum of 8-10 kids per bowling lane.
  3. Date & Time: Every bowling alley differs in when they hold public events. It is best to call ahead of time and make a reservation. You can also ask about special event at certain times, such as cosmic bowling.

If you’re looking for a unique birthday party idea for your child’s next birthday, look no further than Planet Bowl in Etobicoke, ON.   Bowling is a great activity for kids of all ages, and at Planet Bowl, they have everything you’ll need to make this a memorable day for your child and his/her friends. Not only does it provide a lot of fun, it is a great social scene too.

With 3 different size party rooms, they can accommodate your birthday party all the way up to 28 guests.  They have a 4 guest minimum requirement, and require a $20 dollar deposit to hold your party’s date and time.   At Planet Bowl, kids’ birthday parties are what they do best.

Here is what your birthday package will include:

  1. An hour of bowling
  2. An hour in the party room
  3. Pizza, (1 slice for each child) popcorn and a soft drink
  4. Invitations for your party
  5. Includes shoe rentals

Plant bowl’s facility is modern and clean and makes the perfect place to surprise your child with their birthday bowling party.  With their full size kitchen, they’re got you covered with great pizza for your party as well as delicious popcorn, always a favorite with children.   You can bring presents and your own cake for your child.  Whatever the age of your child, you can be sure that they will love having their party at Planet Bowl.

Have fun and relax while Planet Bowl takes charge of party preparation

Let the staff at Planet Bowl worry about the invitations and clearing up while you enjoy the party with your kids. What’s more that you can relax knowing the fact that the dedicated hosts here will take care of everything once instructed and will make sure that the party is hassle free.

So if you are stumped for ideas about what to do for your kid’s birthday party, consider one of the packages at Planet Bowl. These packages are reasonably priced and you will immensely benefit from these by entertaining your kid and his or her friends. All you have to do is sit back, simply supervise the kids and have a good time.

Book birthday party online here.

Best Bowling Centres in Toronto

Are you looking to find the best bowling centres in Toronto? What features do you look for in a good bowling centre? Some of the things most people want out of a bowling alley are cheap bowling rates, bowling leagues, reservations for birthday parties and the ability to make private bookings for events.

Find below the best bowling centres in Toronto which offer all that and more:

Playtime Bowl is one of the top bowling centres in Toronto. It is located on 33 Samor Rd. – Toronto, Ontario, M6A 1J2 just 2 minutes from Yorkdale mall. Playtime Bowl offers regular 10-pin bowling, cosmic bowling every Friday and Saturday from 10pm – 3am and packages for birthday parties, private bookings such as fundraisers and corporate events.

Playtime Bowl has been voted the top bowling centre by and has received the Readers Choice Platinum Award by the North York Mirror and the Toronto Sun. It has also received the People’s Choice best bowling centre award and is home to the Doug Gilmour Celebrity Bowl. Playtime Bowl offers bowling leagues and has an in-house fully licensed bar and grill.

Bowling rates are roughly $24.99 per/lane/hour from 11AM – 5PM Monday to Friday and $27.99 per/lane/hour from 5PM – Midnight Monday to Thursday. Add a few extra dollars for cosmic bowling. For late night bowlers Playtime Bowl offers Club Cosmic Weekends where you can bowl from 9PM – 3AM for $32.99 per/lane/hour. For a list of complete hours or to make a reservation, contact Playtime Bowl today!



Planet Bowl
is another one of the top bowling centres in Toronto. It is conveniently located in Etobicoke and is the bowling centre of choice for those who reside in Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke or Brampton. Planet Bowl offers awesome packages for kids’ birthday parties that are competitively priced. It also has three large party rooms available to reserve for private bookings, corporate events and more.

With a full service kitchen, you can eat and bowl at the same time! Offering both bowling leagues for all ages and glow in the dark X-treme bowling,Planet Bowl is a must-visit for the whole family.  Check Planet Bowl online or give them a call at 416-695-2695 to find out about their daily deal cheap bowling rates!

Bowlerama Mississauga: What makes Bowlerama Mississuaga one of the top 3 bowling centres in Toronto? Bowlerama Mississauga is quite a popular bowling centre boasting 6 locations across Toronto. Similar to the other two, Bowlerama also offers bowling leagues and takes private bookings for corporate events and birthday parties. They also feature a Pro Shop store catering to those who want to buy their own bowling gear and apparel. To find out cheap bowling rates for Bowlerama visit their website and call the location nearest you.

Knowing what each of these bowling centres in Toronto have to offer helps you make a better decision for booking birthday parties for kids or adults, making private bookings for corporate or fundraising events or joining a bowling league. With all the best bowling rates and cheap bowling options try one or try them all and see which one you like best!