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10 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Kid Will Love

Christmas gift ideas for kids

Christmas is a month away and you must be thinking that “why should I start planning so early. I have the entire month with me.” If you are one of those who do their Christmas shopping at the last moment, then you must also be knowing that there is a lot of stress with the last minute shopping – you have to wait in long queues, there is a shortage of desired items and in the end you actually end up paying more than what your budget allowed. For all these reasons you must start planning now and start shopping. Kids are most excited about Christmas gifts. They love to receive presents from you. But you must choose the right kind of gifts for them. So are you running out of Christmas gift ideas for your kids?

Here’s a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas your kids will love…

  1. Gift basket with chocolates, cakes and other goodies: This kind of gift basket has been one of the most popular choices. All kids love chocolates and cakes, and would instantly radiate after seeing it.
  2. Soft toys: Soft toys are perfect for small children and girls. If your little one loves to cuddle a teddy or any other soft toy while he is he is sleeping, you can always increase their collection.
  3. Is your kid outdoorsy? If your child loves to go for camping or hiking, you can buy them a backpack. There are several backpacks available on the market right for preschool-age children to adults.
  4. Winter wear: You can always buy Sherpa Coats or weather boots for your kids. They can wear it and stand under the tree.
  5. Is your child into reading books? If your kid loves to read books, you can buy him or her books like Little Humbugs, Harry Potter series or Lord of the Flies. You simply can’t go wrong with this Christmas gift idea.
  6. Something to do: Here’s your chance to take your kids for an outdoor activitythey’ve been looking forward to. You can take them for ice-skating at your local ice-skating rink. This is surely going to be one of the most memorable Christmas gifts.
  7. Gadgets make into this list: If your child is a gadget freak, why not present him or her with an interesting techy stuff this Christmas? iPad, iPhone are a passé. You can give them something more stylish like iPod Nano, PS3 or Kindle.
  8. Christmas gift ideas for cycling kids: This is the time to spoil the kids with all things you never got as a child. If your junior is hoping to find a bike under the tree, get one for him. These are available for modest budgets.
  9. Food gifts: This is a gift that every child in your family would love. It is inexpensive and yummy. You can make special homemade breads that are sweet. Add a little bit of honey butter and you are good to go!
  10.  Stationary: if you have a printer in your house, you can do a lot with that. One of the most popular Christmas gift ideas is a personalized gift. A set of note cards with stamps is very useful.


Top 6 Places for Indoor Birthday Parties in Mississauga

There’s nothing easier to arrange than a birthday party hosted at an indoor location in Mississauga, especially during the winter when the temperatures can fall below 3 degrees C. For smaller kids you can go for play centers with bars, ladders and slides, while for older kids you can find play centers that have rock-climbing structures or arcades. Most of these indoor places have food available for the party so it’s a win-win situation for the parents as well as the kids. indoor birthday party

Here are the top 6 places for hosting indoor birthday parties in Mississauga that you should consider:

  1. Playdium: This place is huge, covering an area of more than 40,000 sq ft area with video and arcade games, go-karts and a restaurant. There are over 200 high-tech attractions, rides and simulators. This park caters for both adults as well as kids. After playing and having fun, your guests can stop at Playdium’s diner to feast. Here you get a variety of food like pizza, snacks, appetizers, etc. This place offers several birthday packages to choose from.
  2. Planet Bowl: This is one of the top venues to hold indoor birthday parties in Mississauga. There are three private party rooms available here and they can accommodate 16 kids, 24 kids and 28 kids max. it is a clean facility with modern amenities and a full size kitchen.
  3. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park: If you want your kids and their friends to have a 3-D play experience, then Sky Zone is perfect. This is the world’s first all-trampoline, walled playing court that is suited to all ages. Here you will get unmatched fun! This place ensures that guests get a real adrenalin rush.
  4. Mega Fun 4 Kids: For kids from 0-7 years, this is a great place. While it is open to the public from Monday to Friday, it is closed during weekends in order to host private birthday parties. If you want babysitting facilities, you can ask for their special services. However, your child needs to be potty-trained.
  5. The Secret Palace: This is one place where princes and princesses of all ages will be enchanted. They have packages for kids from 4-12 years. This place is budget friendly and you can host a 2-hour private theme party for $330 or less. They also offer discounts on certain packages. Since catering services are also available you won’t have anything to do at all.
  6. Fantasy Fair: This is an indoor entertainment park that is geared towards providing fun for younger children. Being one of the best venues for indoor birthday parties it has a great reputation. There are several rides, including a Ferris wheel, train, and merry-go-round. When your kids get tired of playing and running around, they can indulge in the food served here.

For children, their birthdays are perhaps the most important event of the year. They expect the best and they look forward to their birthday so much that we as parents really want to make them enjoyable. Hosting birthday parties at outdoor locations is fine as long as it is summer. But hosting it outdoors during winter is almost impossible, and hosting indoor birthday parties at home can be a messy affair. So it is best to host them at places where your kids will enjoy themselves. Give your child a birthday party he or she will remember forever!


Top 10 Places to have Fun in Toronto

As summer winds down and the CNE starts again you would want to get the most fun before Fall comes along. Toronto is a world-class city replete with exciting options for visitors as well as its citizens. A mix of fun and culture can be found in a large number of options across the city just a few of which are highlighted here.

CN Tower

 Top 10 places to have fun in Toronto

  1. CN Tower one of the world’s tallest buildings takes excitement to a peak with a 58 second high-speed glass elevator which you can ride to the top to feast your eyes on some incredible views. Myriad options for shopping, and dining make it a fun trip for the entire family.
  2. Wonderland is Canada’s foremost theme park with hundreds of attractions, which include a large variety of roller coasters, water rides, and other thrilling adventures adding up to 65 exciting rides, including the world’s biggest and tallest roller coaster.
  3. Harbourfront Centre is a performance space where musical and theatrical acts are held around the year, including regular children’s events. The centre brings international acts from across the globe, exhibiting cultural diversity on its stages, making it an ideal way to introduce children to the cultural arts. The icing on the cake is the large pond, which is freezes to form an ice skating rink in the winters.
  4. Medieval Times Dinner recreates those old times where knights in shining armor and riding horses vie for glory in authentic tournament action. Guests are served an elaborate medieval-style four-course meal, which adds substance to the drama. The vast tournament arena can seat up to 1400 and is housed inside a castle-like structure.
  5. Toronto Zoo is a fascination to people of all ages, which brings together thousands of animals representing hundreds of species in one wonderful forest environment. Located in the beautiful forest region in northeast Toronto, the space inspires love for animals and respect for the environment in all who step fool inside it. A special kids zoo allows children to interact with the animals, and a new Panda bear makes the trip all that much more valuable.
  6. Wild Water Kingdom is an ideal way to beat the Toronto heat and is therefore a popular summer activity for both adults and children. Miles of water slides, wave pools and water sports lend an unbeatable aura or frolic. The Dolphin Bay playground is a wonderfully serene pool where younger children can play in the water, and the whole family can enjoy batting cages, miniature golf and bumper boats. In addition to heated waterslides and giant whirlpool hot tubs, the thrill-seekers can head down the speed slides or for the tidal wave pool.
  7. Bata Shoe Museum is an unusual space where an extensive range of shoes from around the world is exhibited. It is a world of fantasy where women can swoon over the footwear, while the men marvel at the vastness of the collection. The variety of collections extends from shoes worn by North American Indigenous people, shoes from across the globe and across time, as well as celebrity shoes worn by musicians, artists, and actors including John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, and Pablo Picasso.
  8. The Playdium Mississauga is a massive indoor complex consisting of over 200 attractions and rides replete with unique high-tech and interactive forms of entertainment, both virtual and physical. Prizes can be won in the Redemption zone, so bring your skills into play at this mega entertainment zone. If only for its size and the variety of entertainment it brings together in one place it should not be given a miss. This is a sure fire place to have fun in Toronto.
  9. Planet Bowl is a large bowling centre, which also brings entertainment for all ages together under one roof. In addition to regular bowling, and bowling leagues it brings the experience of cosmic bowling to the visitor, a nighttime bowling activity where the lanes glow with an otherworldly light and a DJ plays the trendiest tracks of the day. Providing a vast menu of child-friendly foods and beverages, bowling is a fun activity for when children need a bit of adventure, and parents want to relax and play a couple of games.
  10. The Art Gallery of Ontario, an architectural delight bringing together elements of light and wood, is a wonderful space to delight in some art and culture. Toronto-born and now world-renowned architect Frank Gehry designed the gallery, which is characterized by sweeping staircases and glass walls. Over 5,000 works of art hang in hundreds of galleries, and one can easily pass a day in its warm and airy halls without a though for the time.

3 Places for a fun group outing in Toronto

 Toronto as a vibrant diverse cosmopolitan city is always ready to offer up its citizens a range of wonderful ways to spend their days. The true energy of the city comes from the people and the diversity of their interests. A family or group of friends can spend their weekends engaged in a range of fun activities, ranging from bowling to parks to nice meals. Here are 3 places for a fun group outing in Toronto.

Planet Bowl

Bowling Centers

A number of great bowling centers can provide a full day of holistic and easily accessible fun for people of all ages. Families can take children of all ages and spend the day amongst the bright adventure that a bowling alley brings, in addition to a vibrant environment filled with other families and child-friendly foods. Everyone can bowl, from two-year olds to seventy-two year-olds, and that makes this a perfect day out for the whole family including the toddlers and the grandparents. A multi-purpose bowling center like Planet Bowl is also a great venue for groups of adults as it offers the enhanced bowling experience that is cosmic bowling. Cosmic Bowling is when the entire alley including the pins, the lanes, and the gutters are illuminated, this giving the place a ‘cosmic’ ambiance. Add a DJ and the bowling center feels like a nightclub with bowling balls thrown in.


Classy yet family – friendly restaurants

Going out for a nice dinner is another way to experience and enjoy the diversity of Toronto. There are several great restaurants that are classy yet family-friendly and willing to customize specials to the taste of your children. This way they can experience foods beyond the usual burgers and pizzas they might like, while also allowing the parents to treat themselves to trendier foods. The diversity of cuisines available in the city are a blessing, so be adventurous and try that new Italian or Indian place you might have heard about. Dining out is a great way for a group of friends to catch up over a good meal accompanied by a glass of good wine.

Great Malls


Finally, there’s always that all-encompassing universally entertaining avenue of fun, the mall. Some great malls offer not only good shopping where adults and children can both stock up on necessities and indulge in luxuries, but they also provide an array of entertainment to while away the time. Some have video game arcades where children of all ages can find something to do including bouncing around in a pile of colorful balls, smacking a few balls on the mini-golf range, or succumbing to fantasy in virtual reality games. While the children play, so can the mothers by getting pampered at spas and nail salons in malls.  Movie theaters where you can catch the latest blockbuster or animated film can unite the group with large buckets of popcorn, and a food court in a mall will cater to every culinary whim.

Malls, restaurants, and bowling centers are only some of the entertainment options that the vibrant city of Toronto has to offer group outing in Toronto, along with water parks, museums,  skating rinks, playgrounds, the list goes on. Come the next free day get your family together and head out for a fun adventure.






Keep your kids busy this summer



Summer’s here and the kids are gonna be running amok taking over your life. You are going to be run ragged between summer classes, swimming at the community center, play dates and parks. A fun easy way to keep your kids busy this summer, that also entertains you, is bowling parties. Kids absolutely love to go bowling. All of the bright colors, neon lights, fun munchies, and the giant balls make for one really special day for a child.

Take them to bowling centres

When it is your chance to host a play date for your children and their friends, instead of doing it at home and worrying about all the details that go into planning for one, do it at a bowling centre. A party at home would mean providing an array of food appropriate for both parents and children, taking into account the children’s varying tastes and sensitivities. It will mean setting up and making available a range of fun activities to keep their attentions, and then supervising as all of these games are played. Finally, and most painful is the after-party mess. To avoid the dreaded after effects of large groups of children romping around your backyard spilling paint and mustard, move the festivities to a bowling center, and let them take care of the tedious details.

Children of all ages enjoy bowling. Even a two year old loves picking up the giant ball in his arms and dropping it on the lane, watching it roll slowly away making an invigorating core-shaking sound. Older kids can pretty much take care of themselves at bowling alleys being able to track their own scores and conduct their own games. The best part about having parties there is that parents can also play and end up having a good time, instead of simply running around trying to round up and entertain their children.

Food is the easiest aspect to take care of at such a party. The bowling centre will have a menu you can choose from, which include lots of children-friendly snack and drinks. You can pick a set menu, or go through the menu and order a la carte depending on the number of children or adults are attending. Pick loads of easy finger foods, or things children can grab and run such as pizzas. There are also plenty of food choices for adults. The event is therefore completely pre-catered, as well as pre-decorated, because after all what is more vibrant than a bowling centre?

If you end up with a handful of children and the long summer hours seem to stretch with endless feeding, bawling and boredom, turn those hours into fun and festivities at a bowling center. A bowling party is a great way to get all the neighborhood kids together and in a productive and fun environment. Invite the parents to come bowling as well, and you will be much celebrated in the neighborhood as the parents who gave them all a break from summer routines. This is one more way to keep your kids busy this summer!


Teach your kids how to build teamwork


bowling kids

A bowling center is more than just bright colors, UV lights and giant balls hurled towards a set of pins waiting to be knocked down. It is also an opportunity to learn how to build teamwork and true sportsmanship, and it is oodles of fun. A great way to let your children discover for themselves the discipline that a sport can bring into their lives, and the ability to go through life with a team spirit is to take them bowling. It is a fun activity that all children enjoy, an adventure that they are all ready to participate in, and also an experience they will learn from. Joining a local bowling league will prepare children to face the challenges of life with a positive attitude.

Preparing for the game

The first part of bowling is to prepare for the game. The right uniform is essential in a good pair of bowling shoes that are comfortable and sturdy. Clothing that allows mobility and is still casual should be worn during the game. And the right ball should be selected according to thumb size and a manageable weight, individualized for each player. After selecting the right equipment, a team is formed and competes against another team.


This is an opportunity to instill a spirit of healthy competition in children. Learning to support their teammates not only through their triumphs, but also through their failures, to applaud the strikes and encourage them through the spares and gutter balls. This will teach children that a supportive and encouraging teammate will make for a much more productive, successful, and fun game that will leave everyone with a sense of well being.  More importantly, not only one’s own teammates but also members of opposing teams should be applauded for their wins. At the end of the game children, whether on the winning team or losing, will have had fun and will understand the concept of playing the game for the sake of the game itself.

Learn bowling techniques

Another aspect of sportsmanship that will be imbibed in the young through the experience of playing a fun sport such as bowling is strategizing. If they are instructed in the nuances of bowling, and how to adjust their stance and technique to see improved results, they will remember these lessons and learn to apply them in life as well. The ability to focus, and an awareness of the body as one gets ready to let go of the ball arises from the experience. Learning bowling techniques is a fun way to learn that in life, as in a game, knowledge enhances the experience of and effectiveness of whatever endeavors they may embark upon.

When you take your kids bowling, rest assured that this is not time wasted. Let them spend their time having fun while they learn by joining the local bowling leagues in Mississauga, which will be a productive experience teaching them teambuilding skills which will continue to help them throughout their lives.

How to make Organizing your Kid’s Birthday Party Stress Free

retro bowling party shirt graphic-950x950

Throwing a party for children is surprisingly complex. For an adult party you have to get a few things right such as food, décor, music, and ambience, and the adults will entertain themselves – converse, dance and so forth. The level of detail and planning that goes into a children’s party is akin to science. An age-appropriate theme, a theme-appropriate meal, spacious venue, several forms of sufficiently attention-holding entertainment, party favors, enough adult supervision to ensure safety, separate food for the adults… the list just goes on. Often the party will end up being creative and great fun for everyone, except of course the people throwing a party.

Have a bowling party for kids

If you want to have a party for your child that takes care of all of the above in one fell swoop, and allows you the chance to have fun as well, have a bowling party for kids.  Adults don’t think of bowling as something really small children will enjoy, but even three-year olds love bowling alleys. They get to roll these giant brightly colored balls and hear them rumble down the lanes, what can be more fun?

A bowling party is appropriate for children of most ages, and is easily done. The venue is taken care of. It’s an automatic theme. The alley provides food appropriate for children and their parents. Parents can also play so that takes care of adults having fun and supervising as well.

Most bowling alleys have birthday party package deals according to the size of the party. These are a great option because they are customizable. You can choose what you want included in the package and adjust according to your budget – the options will usually include food, drink, decorations, utensils, balloons, cake, a personalized banner, and so forth.

Additionally you can supplement with the plethora of easily available and affordable bowling-related paraphernalia that can personalize the party, and work well as party favors. The following can be found at any party store or online:

  1. A bowling pin shaped piñata can be stuffed with candy;
  2. Bowling print paper plates, cups and napkins can be used to serve the food;
  3. Mini plastic bowling sets, or personalized bowling pin shaped sipper bottles can be given as party favors;
  4. A bowling pin or ball shaped cake could be the icing on the party, or if you do not go with a designer cake bowling pin shaped candles can jazz up a regular cake as well.

Before picking a bowling alley find out if they already have some experience with bowling parties for kids. This means that they will not only be well-equipped with kid-sized bowling shoes and balls, their staff will also be aware of the safety measures required around children. After all, a primary reason of having a bowling party is that someone else can take care of the stuff you would have to take care of at home, and checking to make sure they know what they are doing will ensure you can ave fun as well.

The incredibly high fun factor, affordability, and ease with which a bowling party for kids can be had, make it a no-brainer for children of all ages. After all: giant bright balls, glow lights, rumbling, and tumbling of pins; what’s not to love?


Top 5 Places for Kids Parties


If you are a parent who is looking to become the best dad or mom ever, then you need to regularly organize parties for your kid. This allows your kids to have a good time with their friends and also make new friends. A great party makes your kid look good. There are several occasion that demand a celebration and one of them is birthdays.

Here are a list of the top 5 places for kids parties especially birthdays!

Pizza Place

What is a party if not for great food? Pizza is one of those food types which are loved by adults and children alike. If you are considering pleasing the children and also their parents, having a party at the local pizza joint is an excellent idea. You have music, hot food, and lots of place to sit for adults and play area. Everybody is bound to have fun at these pizza centres.

Bowling Centre

If you are thinking of focussing on games for the upcoming birthday, then there is no better way than to host it at a bowling centre. Bowling birthday party is the best as children love bowling. Bowling is easy to learn, rules can be quietly relaxed and is a group activity. One suggestion we can give is that you could organize an impromptu bowling tournament and have all the kids participate. You could even order a winning trophy to be built for the occasion and the winning kid receive the cup, just like in the league tournaments.

Ice-cream Parlour

If pizza is not something you are comfortable, especially if you worried about all the cheese, then ice cream parlours makes for a good choice. While adults may not really enjoy ice cream for several reasons, there is not a single kid who does not enjoy a cup of vanilla and another of strawberry cones in both of his hands. Just like pizza place, the local ice cream parlours can make special arrangements to accommodate birthdays.

Burger Joint

If you are hosting a party just for your child and with other family friends in a low key fashion, then it would be wiser to hit the local burger joint on the special day. You could have a nice and quiet time, giving the birthday gift, taking some photos and may be a fun video to share with friends later.


If you have a living room with lots of space, then it makes good sense and also economically beneficial to have the party hosted right at your home. You could prepare delicious snacks and dishes at your home or you could order a takeout. You could actually order pizza and ice cream and combine the best of both worlds. Do not forget to have party games such as twister as well as board games like the game of life to liven up the evening.

Birthday parties will always be about having fun, exchanging gifts and so on. Depending on the budget and time you have, you could make it as grand and fun as you want. Hopefully, some of the ideas we have shared with you will come in handy for your child’s next birthday.


Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Extra Special!

Bowling Parties

How To Make Bowling Parties Extra Fun

Kids’ birthday parties in Etobicoke or anywhere become a little fancier year after year, and fancy may easily imply pricey. Holding kids birthday parties in Etobicoke or elsewhere don’t actually have to be costly to be enjoyable. One particular birthday celebration concept that won’t break the bank is bowling parties!

Here are 3 ways to have personalized bowling parties for kids’ birthday parties in Etobicoke or anywhere else:

  • Entertaining BEFORE bowling parties start
  • Begin the imaginative component of your celebration prior to heading to the bowling alley. A great idea could be to check local party or arts and craft stores for bowling related trinkets. If you are organizing a kids bowling party, find some low-cost bowling t-shirts for the children to put on or find some good iron-on transfers and assist them to iron on their very own bowling images before heading to your local bowling center. This is sure to get the kids ready and in the mood to play.
  • Themed pre-game goodies
  • With regard to snacks before you head out to the alley, use the shape of the bowling ball to fit the theme. As we all know bowling balls are round, much like cakes, cookies and muffins. Bowling parties can start at home with you making sweet treats with 3 holes to mimic a bowling ball. For kids birthday parties in Etobicoke you’ll have no issue with planning the refreshments when you’re at the alley. At Planet Bowl, our kids bowling packages come with tasty and delicious food that is sure to please young and old! Just contact us to make a reservation and arrange bowling parties as per your convenience.
  • Decoration for Bowling Parties
  • Accentuate the bowling lanes to create the party mood! It’s best to have a few people go a little ahead of time and set up the bowling lanes so everything is ready when the birthday boy or girl and the guests arrive. Several balloons and a nice sign help inform visitors that a celebration is happening. You might even find some bowling balloons to arrange by your bowling lanes, or just use round balloons in different colours. To get the best experience, don’t simply just decorate your kids bowling parties with typical party decor. Ensure you do it right with a bowling parties theme – this is sure to get all the guests fired up to get involved and every person is sure to have a great time!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to hold kids bowling parties in Etobicoke, look no further than Planet Bowl. We are your neighborhood bowling alley for the Etobicoke, Mississauga and Brampton area. Specializing in bowling parties and kids bowling parties, we offer amazing kids birthday party packages that include a FULL hour of bowling, an hour in the party room, pizza, popcorn, soft drinks, party invitations and free shoe rentals. Just bring the cake and enjoy!

Bowling Parties

Bowling Parties


3 Tips for Hosting Striking Bowling Birthday Parties

Bowling Birthday Party Tips

Planning a bowling party in Toronto? The key to hosting bowling birthday parties in any of the bowling centres in Toronto or anywhere else for that matter is to try and keep it enjoyable for everyone.

Tip #1: Making Every Person Feel at Ease 

The bowling itself must be kept laid back, relaxed and entertaining, even though you may be having an intense rivalry. Use side gutters or bumpers, especially for bowling birthday parties for kids. These are big safeguard pads which fit in the bowling lane’s gutters and stop the bowling ball from sliding into the side ditch. This way the kids will knock down pins with every roll and really have the best fun possible. For bowling birthday parties for adults a good idea is to come up with creative ideas to make things more entertaining. Get the guests to bowl granny style (bowling with both hands, between your legs), or bowl with your other hand or bowl backwards! Another good idea is to form a team of two or more partners who bowl alternately for the same position.

 Tip #2: Keeping the Energy Level High

It doesn’t matter in which of the many of the bowling centres in Toronto you’re at, you’ve got to cheer – win or lose. Help make bowling birthday parties fun for every one of your guests by rooting and cheering for everyone, good shot or not! Give high fives, pats on the back, clap and verbally encourage – all these are great ways in getting everyone involved and having a good time.

You’ve got to understand that the purpose of bowling birthday parties is to rejoice in someone’s birthday celebration, not to acquire a bowling trophy. For younger kids you’re least likely to face this problem as with the side gutters and any bit of cheering young kids are sure to have a great time. For older kids or adults, keep your eye open for bowlers in the group who could possibly become too competitive – you’ll find at least 1 in most groups. That individual may just need a bit of extra cheering, a diverting joke or conversation or a quick trip with you to run an errand.

Tip #3: Don’t Lose Your Bowling Shoes

Remember, bowling birthday parties actually need bowling shoes! This is true for all bowling centres in Toronto, so come prepared.   You’ll need to change from your current pair to a rented pair provided by the alley. Prepare for this by wearing comfortable socks (decent ones you can show off to your friends). For kids bowling birthday parties you really have to be careful as to where kids leave their shoes, especially if you have a large group.  One simple tip is to carry paper bags for each child. Write each child’s name on a bag and have kids place their shoes in their respective bag.

At Planet Bowl you have access to a large party room if you decide to choose one of our fun and affordable bowling birthday parties’ packages – simply place all of these paper bags in the party room or keep them near your bowling lanes.

Being one of the top bowling centres in Toronto; bowling birthday parties are a definite hit at Planet Bowl!