3 Places for a fun group outing in Toronto

 Toronto as a vibrant diverse cosmopolitan city is always ready to offer up its citizens a range of wonderful ways to spend their days. The true energy of the city comes from the people and the diversity of their interests. A family or group of friends can spend their weekends engaged in a range of fun activities, ranging from bowling to parks to nice meals. Here are 3 places for a fun group outing in Toronto.

Planet Bowl

Bowling Centers

A number of great bowling centers can provide a full day of holistic and easily accessible fun for people of all ages. Families can take children of all ages and spend the day amongst the bright adventure that a bowling alley brings, in addition to a vibrant environment filled with other families and child-friendly foods. Everyone can bowl, from two-year olds to seventy-two year-olds, and that makes this a perfect day out for the whole family including the toddlers and the grandparents. A multi-purpose bowling center like Planet Bowl is also a great venue for groups of adults as it offers the enhanced bowling experience that is cosmic bowling. Cosmic Bowling is when the entire alley including the pins, the lanes, and the gutters are illuminated, this giving the place a ‘cosmic’ ambiance. Add a DJ and the bowling center feels like a nightclub with bowling balls thrown in.


Classy yet family – friendly restaurants

Going out for a nice dinner is another way to experience and enjoy the diversity of Toronto. There are several great restaurants that are classy yet family-friendly and willing to customize specials to the taste of your children. This way they can experience foods beyond the usual burgers and pizzas they might like, while also allowing the parents to treat themselves to trendier foods. The diversity of cuisines available in the city are a blessing, so be adventurous and try that new Italian or Indian place you might have heard about. Dining out is a great way for a group of friends to catch up over a good meal accompanied by a glass of good wine.

Great Malls


Finally, there’s always that all-encompassing universally entertaining avenue of fun, the mall. Some great malls offer not only good shopping where adults and children can both stock up on necessities and indulge in luxuries, but they also provide an array of entertainment to while away the time. Some have video game arcades where children of all ages can find something to do including bouncing around in a pile of colorful balls, smacking a few balls on the mini-golf range, or succumbing to fantasy in virtual reality games. While the children play, so can the mothers by getting pampered at spas and nail salons in malls.  Movie theaters where you can catch the latest blockbuster or animated film can unite the group with large buckets of popcorn, and a food court in a mall will cater to every culinary whim.

Malls, restaurants, and bowling centers are only some of the entertainment options that the vibrant city of Toronto has to offer group outing in Toronto, along with water parks, museums,  skating rinks, playgrounds, the list goes on. Come the next free day get your family together and head out for a fun adventure.






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