Tips On How To Make A Birthday Party With A Princess Theme

Which little girl doesn’t love the beautiful princesses in the fairy tales that her parents read to her at bedtime and doesn’t end up imagining herself as one in all her dreams? Go ahead and make her dreams come true by planning a princess birthday party on her special day. From throwing a tea party a la Princess Sofia of Disney to playing the fairy god mother, everything can be achieved to your little one’s satisfaction with some great planning, creativity, and of course, a little advice from us.

Here are a few tips on how to make a birthday party with a princess theme


Décor: Keep the major color theme as pink, lavender or purple (after all, isn’t it the color purple associated with royalty). Use plain cloth in any of these colors as table cloth or to drape your sofa. Buy some princess party decoration material like crowns, ribbons, beautiful candelabras and vases for decorating tables. Set the table in small princess themed cups and saucers and theme-based tissues.

Costume: Now costumes are a really important part of any princess party. Make sure you get the grandest party gown with dazzling stone embellishments for your daughter. With all her guests turning out in their finest gowns, you’d want the birthday girl to stand out and make an impression. Accessorize her dress with artificial jewelry and a sparkling clutch; however, make sure that she’s comfortable in her dress. Perhaps it’s better to have a rehearsal a couple of days ahead of the party and make any required alterations beforehand. And yes, don’t forget the crown (or tiara)!

Games and Activities: Though there are a lot of princess party games available in the market, you can also create some simple ones on your own. For example, you could have a Princess Quiz with questions based on Disney princesses and fairy tale princesses. Depending on the age group, you can also ask each guest to give clues to a fairy tale and others can guess the name. Another great idea is treasure hunting. Give a twist to it by making the guests look for Cinderella’s glass slippers or perhaps a ring or a crown. If you have the budget for it, you can get a tattoo expert to do temporary princess-theme tattoos for each of the guests. You can also look for online printable material for games like Kiss the Frog, Make your princess story, etc.

Snacks and Cake: Like everything else, the snacks too should reflect your chosen theme. You can have fairy cakes with enticing toppings, edible jewelry, crown shaped sandwiches, fruit wands, colorful fruit drinks and cakes in the shape of a castle, princess or a crown.

Return gifts: If you are going to play fairy god mother or get someone else to do it for you, make sure you have enough chocolates and other small gifts to give out to the children. Be a little imaginative in playing the part, you may want a fancy for yourself as well!

Preparing in advance is the key to having a successful birthday party and while you are at it, be sure to send out hand-crafted customized invitation cards to all your daughter’s royal friends!

Team Trials Tournament CLOSURES FOR PUBLIC BOWLING May 15th – May 19th

Planet Bowl will be hosting the Team Trials Tournament for the Team Canada Roster at the Pan-Am Games! As a result of this there will be closures to the public:

From Thursday May 15th to Monday May 19th; Planet Bowl will be closed from 8AM until approximately 6PM (pending delays for the tournament).

Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone affected and good luck to all the participants!

Five Pin Bowling in Mississauga

Five Pin Bowling is one of those great sports for the whole family.  From the little preschoolers to grandma and grandpa, this is a great family activity, and Mississauga has an excellent assortment of bowling centers.

Park Royal Family Fun Centre


Park Royal Family Fun Centre is a bowling centre where no matter what the weather is outside it’s always fun and a great place to be inside.  Park Royal has accommodation for kid’s parties, as well as parties for groups and companies.  Families have a special price of up to one hour of play for up to six people and a family fun pass that allows all six to play for two hours for one set price.   They also offer leagues for every age group.  This center is located at 2425 Truscott Drive and are open from 5:00pm to 9:00pm Monday through Wednesday, noon to 10:0pm Thursday and Friday, and 10:00am to 10:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

Planet Bowl


Another great bowling centre is the Planet Bowl is one of the best choices for Five Pin Bowling in Mississauga because, not only do they have great lanes, they have the facilities to host parties for companies, schools, and even family reunions.  Their bowling leagues range from leagues for the kiddos to mixed leagues for adults and even Seniors get into the game with a league all their own.  With 48 lanes, the Orbit Café, and an excellent Pro Shop for a full range of balls, shoes, and bags, Planet Bowl is the place everyone loves for good fun and a great time with family and friends.  Planet Bowl is listed as one of the top seven places in Mississauga for kid’s birthday parties.  Planet Bowl is located at 5555 Eglinton Ave West and is open from 10:00am to midnight Monday through Thursday, 10:00am to 2:00am Friday, 9:00am to 2:00 am Saturday, and 9:00am to midnight on Sundays.

Centre Bowl


Centre Bowl also offers five pin bowling and has special events packages for birthdays, reunions, or other special events to get a group of family and friends together for an afternoon or evening of good fun.  They offer group specials that range from two hours of bowling, which includes shoe rental, pizza, and drinks, to a bowling party that can accommodate up to five lanes and 30 people at a group discounted price.  They also have a variety of leagues that meet in the daytime, evening, and some just on weekends.  Centre Bowl is located at 4300 Cawthra Road and is open from 4:00pm to 10:00pm on Monday, noon to 10:00pm Tuesday through Friday, and 10:00am to 10:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

Each site offers a lot of great fun, and reservations can be easily made by calling at any time during regular business hours.   Everyone knows that bowling is good clean fun where families and friends can get together, laugh, and just enjoy having a great time with one another while getting some exercise and enjoying an all-around fun sport.  Grab the family and friends and go Five Pin Bowling in Mississauga.

10 Best Birthday Cakes of All Time




Are you celebrating your birthday? Have you just been promoted and sharing the joy with friends? Well, whatever is the event, no party is complete without a delicious cake. However, a cake that tastes good is not enough for the guests and you want something more. So what is it that makes the cake incredible, yummy and the look of it would make you want to devour it? For one, the cake should be beautifully decorated. For example, kids love to have chocolates. On their birthday parties you can order a cake that is decorated with chocolates and gems. However, adults would like to go for something more subtle. Vanilla or strawberry cakes decorated in the shape of burgers or rugby balls would look awesome. Now all you have to do is blow out the candles and make a wish! Here’s our list of our favourite 10 best birthday cakes of all time! With cakes so yummy we wish every day is our birthday.




birthday cake

birthday cake



birthday cakes

birthday cakes

birthday cake

birthday cake



birthday cake for kids

birthday cake for kids

birthday cake for kids

birthday cake for kids

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Which one is your favourite?

Top 10 Outfits for Cosmic Bowling





Cosmic bowling is a fun activity where you not only have fun while bowling, but you also wear geeky clothes and strike a disco pose. Offered by several bowling centers, cosmic bowling is done under neon lights with loud music. So get ready for the adventure!

“What should I wear during cosmic bowling” is one question many people ask. For one, forget your traditional clothes. Cosmic bowlers wear glow in the dark fluorescent shirts coupled with similar types of shoes and jewelry. Some even go as far as wearing glow in the dark headbands, lipsticks and nail polishes. Basically you have to dress louder than the music. If you don’t have these types of clothes and accessories, wear a lot of white.  Girls can wear white v-neck shirt with a bright blue tank top would also look great. With the right clothing on, you will be able to enjoy Cosmic Bowling thoroughly!

Here are the top 10 outfits for cosmic bowling:


100_4956 1000x1000 adult-get-real-bowling-pincostume Best_Dressed costume-bowling-family-400x600 Halloween-UGC_Spoduck-bowling-costumes_s4x3_lg hazel_bowling_3675 images



Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Company Success

It is a well-accepted fact that any company owes its success to its people. Yes, technology and other factors play a part but people, at all levels; are the actual driving force behind innovations, output, sales, customer delight, revenue, profits, growth and any other parameter of success one can think of! And this is what makes celebrating company success with those who have carved it and giving credit where it’s due is so important.


Let’s discuss some great ways to celebrate your company success with your employees

  1. A culture of celebration: Make celebrating a part of your organizational culture. Success should not be measured quarterly or annually. Great organizations make success a habit and do not wait for months to celebrate. Rather, they celebrate even small successes with small gestures like ordering a cake or a pizza for the team or having monthly allowances that allows each manager or departmental head to reward exceptional performance.
  2. Start a tradition: Starting a tradition around every milestone that a company reaches is another great idea. It can be something as simple as ringing a bell for every target achieved to having a monthly town hall to celebrate success and reward those who have played an important role in it in the presence of all employees. Another tradition that can make employees feel honored and an important part of the organization success is a date with the CEO. This can be a true learning experience for individual achievers and inspire others to do better too.
  3. Throw a fun party: Nothing excites people more than a well planned, fun party. If you are celebrating a huge achievement or an anniversary, make sure people realize the importance of that event. How about throwing this party in a bowling arena? Bowling is a fun activity and people would love to come to attend it. Build up enough hype around the party through posters and pre-party events. Create fun e-mail invitations for employees clearly mentioning the party theme, encourage employees to come up with individual and team performances, confirm if the venue has a dance area, make proper arrangements for food and drinks, and ensure attendance of top brass for R&R. The idea is to create an opportunity for employees for letting their hair down and having some fun after months of hard work.
  4. Plan team activities: Plan team outings and activities that help in building trust and bonding between team members. Planning a weekend rafting or sailing trip or an evening out bowling or playing pool presents an excellent opportunity to combine team building with celebrating performance.
  5. Giving time off: Not many top honchos will approve of it, but the fact remains that employees do sacrifice a lot of personal time to keep the company’s flag flying high. Getting some time to spend with family and friends is one of the best ways of celebrating success. We are not talking a full-fledged vacation here; even a half-day off combined with movie tickets or discount coupons will greatly lift employee morale. After all, organization’s success is also employee’s success and celebrating it with family makes it even more special!

While there are many other ways to celebrate your company’s success, the ones mentioned above are most popular. Everybody loves to enjoy, and what better way than to celebrate it with your employees.

Cosmic Bowling in Mississauga – Best Friday Saturday Night Fun

cosmic bowling Mississuaga

Cosmic Bowling in Mississauga -Something more than a  typical Bowling Experience

If you live in the Mississauga area, you might have heard of the cosmic or “X-treme” bowling experience at Planet Bowl from your friends or family. Let’s explore it some more below..

Just what is “X-treme” cosmic bowling in Mississauga at Planet Bowl?

Imagine this: The lighting is lowered. Loud music moves everyone in the room. Fluorescent lasers shoot all around you. Introducing “X-treme” or cosmic bowling in Eglinton at Planet Bowl – Your supreme glow in the dark bowling encounter that is totally out of this world!

“X-treme” bowling isn’t just your typical 10-pin bowling experience. Dependent upon your bowling centre your cosmic bowling adventure might include a light display, a fog unit and even a Disc jockey.

Looking for a genuine cosmic bowling adventure in Mississauga on Eglinton? Planet Bowl is the perfect place. Picture the bowling pins, the bowling balls and the side gutters illuminating. This luminescent impact provides the entire centre with a “cosmic” feel – and so the name cosmic bowling! Planet Bowl offers cosmic bowling or as we call it, “X-treme” bowling for both children and adults. Kids particularly enjoy the entire ambiance, and are also amused when their clothing lights up and glows! Planet Bowl even offers glow-in-the-dark bowling celebrations for kids birthday parties so that is one area well worth looking into for your child’s birthday bash.

Cosmic bowling is most in-demand at nighttime primarily due to the fact that a grooving club-like mood is created. We also offer this sort of bowling on occasions or special events which can make bowling seem like a brand new experience even to people who’ve bowled before. A winning prize is offered if a bowling pin of a unique colour is at the front side of all the pins in the set and you end up bowling a strike!

Glowing fluorescent lighting effects, blaring tunes and bowling in the dark might not be for you if you’re an advanced pro bowler – you will probably find the lighting effects and deafening music annoying. In this instance it’s wise to call in and go during a time when normal 10-pin bowling is offered. Nevertheless, if you wish to expose the kids to bowling, cosmic bowling is an enjoyable method of getting them to get started and enjoy bowling!

Do you remember your neon outfits?

With dim lights, foot tapping music and bowls glowing under UV lights, we offer an exciting experience that will remind you of your neon parties; only that we offer it all at a much larger and professional scale. As the beats get louder and cosmic bowling kicks off, the pins get brighter, and the mood is lifted to the atomic stage. We play some of the best numbers for you. Our facility is fully stocked for snacks and drinks for your family or a friendly party. Then why go anywhere else? Why go to the same clubs and bars every weekend and get bored, when you can have a fun filled cosmic bowl evening at planet bowl? Give these mundane joints a miss this weekend and visit us. Book a few bowling games and enjoy!

How to play?


Cosmic bowling is one of those extreme sports where there is always room for improvement. If you want to improve your game, you should have knowledge about it, practice it and most importantly have the proper equipment, especially the shoes. Well, if you have these things in place, then go to the next level to experience cosmic bowling. Remember to focus on pins and throw the ball because the lights will be dimmer than usual. With a dance club like atmosphere in this glow in the dark bowling event, you shouldn’t think about winning; instead you should have fun and relax.

Now you must be thinking what are our prices for all this fun? Well we offer very affordable bowling rates because we think that having a great time doesn’t have to cost a lot. We offer cosmic bowling at a price anyone can afford.

Want to experience cosmic bowling in Mississauga or cosmic bowling in Eglinton? If you live in the Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke or Brampton area check out Planet Bowl for our amazing cosmic “X-treme” bowling evenings. The X-treme glow in the dark experience commences at 8pm and runs all the way up until 2am. If you’d like to find out about a bowling social gathering event, company celebration or have got general concerns go ahead and call us at 416-695-2695 at any time all through our business hours or send us an email at [email protected].

Simply put, X-treme bowling at Planet Bowl is much like going to a night club, with a bowling ball. You undoubtedly need to check it out for yourself to discover what it’s all about!

Looking for Things for Kids to do in Mississauga? You’re in the right place!

Jumping kids, dressed colorful. Representing happiness and fun.

If you have kids and are searching for things for kids to do in Mississauga, you’re probably like most other parents out there looking for fun activities to do not too far from home. Well, let me tell you, if you are live in the Mississauga area in Ontario, Canada, it’s a great place to be. With numerous malls and great dining attractions at easy driving distances this city offers a lot for both locals and tourists with children.

Things for Kids to Do In Mississauga for Both Travelers and Locals:

If you’re traveling with kids you’re probably looking for things for kids to do in Mississauga, even if it’s just an evening out.

Mississauga is located just west of Toronto and Toronto’s major international airport, Pearson International Airport, falls within Mississauga city limits, making Mississauga a top city choice for travelers to book hotels. This is especially true if you’ve flown down to see the incredible Niagara Falls with your kids. Niagara Falls is just 105 kilometres from Mississauga and takes approximately 1.5 hours to get there by car.

If you live in Mississauga and you found this post while searching for things for kids to do in Mississauga you’re probably aware of some local attractions but there might be some places you might have overlooked that we cover here. Kids love action and games! Be sure to check out the Playdium, just north of Square One mall. It houses everything from arcade games to mini-golf to go-carting and more!

For a fine shopping experience look no further than Square One mall which offers shopping stores of all the major brands including eclectic stores you might not find elsewhere. Fine dining is also nearby with North American classic restaurants like Jack AstorsMoxie’s Classic Grill and Fazoolis.

If you have a full day to spend a MUST attraction is the African Lion Safari, where you can roam and see wildlife – this is however a 65 km drive west of Mississauga. Another fun attraction is Canada’s Wonderland, a large scale amusement park with over 200 attractions, thundering roller coasters, thrill rides and a water park.

How about playing golf? On way from Mississauga Skate Park you will find Bathgate Andy’s mini golf. It is a perfect solution for parents who have teenage kids and smaller kids. You can take your kids to this mini golf course and introduce them to the world of golf. If they already know how to play, they will surely enjoy this small course.

Yet another exciting thing that you can do with your kids is to take them Erindale Park, Mississauga. The Credit River flows through it which is inhabited by wild trout and salmon. You can see several fishermen fishing. Follow the river upstream and you can see how it is beautifully lined up with boulders that are overlooking deep waters. Downstream is shallow where the river flows over the rock bed. It is a lovely trail that goes on for about an hour.

If you want to take your kids out to admire nature you can take them to Rattray Marsh, which is located between Mississauga and Oakville. There are many view points that attract the young kids. It will take you about half an hour to stroll along the walkway that borders the marsh. This place is inhabited by many birds, so make sure that you stop your kids from time to time and make them watch birds or listen to them.

If you are hungry, how about resting and eating at Chuck E. Cheese. This is a nicely staffed family restaurant that also showcases free-of-charge shows and several games which even adults can enjoy.

If you’ve exhausted most of the major activity places in Mississauga one place your kids won’t get tired of going again and again is Planet Bowl. Located in Etobicoke, Planet Bowl offers a fun bowling experience for the whole family. Featuring a modern facility and a full-size kitchen you and your kids can eat and bowl at the same time!

Plus Planet Bowl does not offer just regular 10-pin bowling. Ask about their cosmic bowling nights – a high entertainment glow in the dark bowling experience that the kids are sure to enjoy.

The next time you’re looking for things for kids to do in Mississauga head over to Planet Bowl and you’re in for a real treat.

Top 7 Places for kids birthday party in Mississauga

birthday party

birthday party

We all know how important birthdays are to our kids. Children look forward to their birthdays with so much joyful anticipation that we feel bound to give them the birthday of their dreams. Any loving parent would want to give his child a birthday experience that is truly exciting and memorable. If you want to treat your kid to a birthday party in Mississauga he will not soon forget, try something different—like staging a birthday party for him in a bowling alley or an indoor gaming facility! Such an exciting birthday party venue would make his birthday truly special and give him the feeling that he is truly loved. The following are 5 awesome places in which to celebrate your kid’s birthday party in Mississauga.


Playdium offers a complete and thrilling birthday package for kids. It provides kid-friendly food, many fun games and lots of exciting outdoor activities that will thrill the kids as well as the adults. Holding your child’s birthday party at Playdium makes for an unforgettable birthday memory for your beloved child. You can choose from the different birthday packages Playdim has in store. Skip the hassles of prepping for your kid’s birthday party by enlisting the birthday party services of Playdium.

Planet Bowl

Planet Bowl is another thrilling venue for your child’s birthday party. If you have anywhere from 4 to 28 guests, Planet Bowl can plan a fun-filled birthday party for you– complete with drinks, eatables and fun games. Planet Bowl has a clean and relaxing ambiance that would serve as a beautiful backdrop for your little one’s birthday party. If you make arrangements with Planet Bowl, you will save yourself from all the trouble of party planning and prepping. Do your kid and yourself a favor now by booking for a birthday party at Planet Bowl.  What peace of mind to know that all you need to do is just show up at the party with a cake!

401 Mini-indy


401 Mini-indy is an indoor car racing facility that would be the perfect birthday party venue for your little racing enthusiasts. You can choose from an array of kids birthday packages which are all guaranteed to thrill your child and his friends no end.

Skyzone Mississauga

Imagine the thrill your child will get out of having a birthday party in a trampoline park? For sure, your kid’s birthday party will be filled with pure fun and hysterical laughter. Book now for an exciting birthday party for your kid at Skyzone Mississauga and get him  and his guests literally “high” with excitement.  

Putting Edge 

Putting Edge is a cutting-edge indoor mini golf course that will bring your kid’s birthday celebrant lots of fun playing golf. Adults can also join in on the fun or simply cheer on in the sidelines. Trust Putting Edge to take care of your kid’s birthday party needs with a bang. All you need to bring is a cake.

Give your child’s birthday party a fun twist by choosing a venue that’s different and out of the ordinary. Try any of the above venues for your kid’s birthday party.

Air Combat Zone 

 This is definitely the most unique venue for the kids birthday parties. Here the kids, in a flight simulator, fly CF-18 Hornet jet fighter. There is a mission where you have to meet several specific goals. The venue’s capacity is 20 people. Guests who are not flying can get engaged in different types of activities. For example besides watching others flight simulators they can practice and learn to combat better on the desktop PC simulators or they can simply devour the pizza that can be ordered from here itself. The bottom line is that the combination of thrill flying in the simulators and having fun with friends at the same time is perhaps a great choice for the teenage kids.

Fairytale Land

 This place caters to children from 18 months to 12 years. You can choose from five themes for your kid’s birthday party. The package includes choosing grand costumes, glittery makeovers, dancing, singing and free gifts to take back. There are many themed activities and you spend time to get dressed up also. This venue is perfect for girls. So the birthday girl gets the special treatment. Since they offer catering also, you don’t have to worry about feeding the little ones.

How To Organize A Bowling Tournament

Organizing a bowling tournament allows you to bond with others with similar interests. You can hold the event in the capacity of individual play or as a team competition.  As a team event, you can feel the thrill in the air when players of respective teams vie with each other to score the highest totals. Team members can simultaneously contend for the top spot through alternate frames or they can play individual games and then have the scores added up. You need to spell out the rules for the charity bowling or corporate bowling tournament before allowing players to enroll. You also have to ascertain that enough lanes are available to allow all the participants to have a fun-filled outing.

You can adhere to the order below when organizing a bowling tourney.

  • Decide on the kind of tournament you are planning to hold. Whether you are planning to raise money for a charitable cause or planning a corporate outing will influence your strategy in different ways. Even for a corporate tourney, you will be required to raise money in order to bear the expenses of having trophies. Determine the event style, i.e., whether it will be a marathon featuring many game plays or whether it will be head to head knockout games.
  • You now need to persuade someone to patronize your tournament. Get in touch with local businesses to seek their sponsorship. The money raised will be used for hiring lanes and buying trophies. A potential sponsor may be convinced by asking them to supply shirts with their brand logo and address alongside your event’s name. In this way, you can have a cheap bowling tourney and also score widespread publicity for the sponsor.
  • You can, also set an entry level fee to fund the tournament and also hand over cash prizes to the winners.
  • You don’t want to botch the tourney. This means that you need to set the eligibility criteria based on skill level, age, amateur or professional status, etc., to admit players.
  • Contact a bowling alley you deem to be best suited for your needs. Enquire about their free dates. Alleys may offer discounts if you hire multiple alleys. You can also check the same out with them in order to accommodate more people.
  • Start your hunt for participants by asking the bowling alley to have a sign with your contact address posted for the tourney. Interested people can fill the form out with the required information. This way you get to promulgate the date and time of the tournament in a hassle free manner.
  • Clear up any confusion regarding the criteria for winning the tourney by displaying the tournament rules for all participants.
  • Now, the cutoff date for participating should be set for a few weeks before you actually organize the charity bowling or corporate bowling tournament. Once the entries have been sorted, prepare the schedule, arranging the bowlers sequentially. If the participant number has exceeded the pre-determined limit, you can arrange for several pool play rounds to shortlist the players appearing in the championship bracket.

The bowling world offers numerous competitions and tournaments. It is a social event that widens your horizons. You get to meet so many people and also make contacts. So if you are playing a tournament, it sure is fun; but organizing the same is a different experience altogether. By being on the organizing committee of a bowling tournament, you will get to know the nitty-gritty of the work that needs to be done for such an event and this experience will prepare you for more to come in the future. So if you think you haven’t the skills to organize an event, its your chance to try it out!