March Break in Mississauga: Top 5 things to do

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Are you looking to keep your kids busy during March break in Mississauga? You’ve landed on the right article! We’ll tell you everything you need to know to not only keep your children occupied, but you won’t have to venture out too far away from home either. From dining out to kids bowling in one of the best bowling centers in Toronto – we cover it all!

Here are 5 top things for your kids to do in March Break in Mississauga:

  1. Tour the malls – Mississauga offers some great shopping attractions. March break is a great time to stock up for the spring and the summer and also have some quality bonding time with your kids. Young kids love exploring the different shops and treating them to an ice-cream is the perfect ending to your day out. Square One Mall is the largest mall not only in Mississauga but the whole of Ontario. Offering all the major brands like Wal-Mart, Zellers, Bay, Old Navy, Sears, Guess and a whole lot more you’re sure to find some great March break deals.
  2. Take them to the Playdium – Located nearby to Square One mall, this is your one stop shop for arcade, virtual reality and video games. Offering something for all ages your kids are sure to have a great time (and so are you!).  Share a game of mini-golf or race on the Go-Cart track with your older kids. If you’d rather take your kids bowling, read on!
  3. Dine together – We understand that your younger kids might only want pizza, burgers or fries when you’re out, but here’s an idea: Head over to one of the more classier restaurants and get your kids something “new” yet kid-friendly to try. There are some great joints that offer kids menus like Jack Astors, Fazoolis, Moxie’s and more. This way you (and your kids) can get what they want. Dining out is a great way to catch up with your older kids over a meal.
  4. Go Bowling – Looking for a good kids bowling joint in Mississauga? Look no further then Planet Bowl. Offering everything from complete bowling birthday parties to awesome money-saving daily deals, this is the perfect way to introduce your children to kids bowling, and the ideal place to play, eat and have fun! One of the top bowling centers in Toronto, your kids will love their Planet Bowl bowling experience.
  5. Catch a Movie: If you and your kids love movies, there are top cinemas all over Mississauga. One of the most convenient movie theatres being The Cineplex and Empire Studio 10 around Square One Mall. Yes, agreed you can pop in a DVD and watch a movie at home but there’s nothing like taking your kids to the cinema to watch a kid-friendly movie or animation – or especially a 3-D movie with funky 3-D glasses!

Whether it’s going mall-hopping with your little princess or sharing a fun yet competitive game of kids bowling at Planet Bowl; Mississauga offers you many child-friendly options making this the most enjoyable March Break yet for you and your kids!

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