3 Tips for Hosting Striking Bowling Birthday Parties

Bowling Birthday Party Tips

Planning a bowling party in Toronto? The key to hosting bowling birthday parties in any of the bowling centres in Toronto or anywhere else for that matter is to try and keep it enjoyable for everyone.

Tip #1: Making Every Person Feel at Ease 

The bowling itself must be kept laid back, relaxed and entertaining, even though you may be having an intense rivalry. Use side gutters or bumpers, especially for bowling birthday parties for kids. These are big safeguard pads which fit in the bowling lane’s gutters and stop the bowling ball from sliding into the side ditch. This way the kids will knock down pins with every roll and really have the best fun possible. For bowling birthday parties for adults a good idea is to come up with creative ideas to make things more entertaining. Get the guests to bowl granny style (bowling with both hands, between your legs), or bowl with your other hand or bowl backwards! Another good idea is to form a team of two or more partners who bowl alternately for the same position.

 Tip #2: Keeping the Energy Level High

It doesn’t matter in which of the many of the bowling centres in Toronto you’re at, you’ve got to cheer – win or lose. Help make bowling birthday parties fun for every one of your guests by rooting and cheering for everyone, good shot or not! Give high fives, pats on the back, clap and verbally encourage – all these are great ways in getting everyone involved and having a good time.

You’ve got to understand that the purpose of bowling birthday parties is to rejoice in someone’s birthday celebration, not to acquire a bowling trophy. For younger kids you’re least likely to face this problem as with the side gutters and any bit of cheering young kids are sure to have a great time. For older kids or adults, keep your eye open for bowlers in the group who could possibly become too competitive – you’ll find at least 1 in most groups. That individual may just need a bit of extra cheering, a diverting joke or conversation or a quick trip with you to run an errand.

Tip #3: Don’t Lose Your Bowling Shoes

Remember, bowling birthday parties actually need bowling shoes! This is true for all bowling centres in Toronto, so come prepared.   You’ll need to change from your current pair to a rented pair provided by the alley. Prepare for this by wearing comfortable socks (decent ones you can show off to your friends). For kids bowling birthday parties you really have to be careful as to where kids leave their shoes, especially if you have a large group.  One simple tip is to carry paper bags for each child. Write each child’s name on a bag and have kids place their shoes in their respective bag.

At Planet Bowl you have access to a large party room if you decide to choose one of our fun and affordable bowling birthday parties’ packages – simply place all of these paper bags in the party room or keep them near your bowling lanes.

Being one of the top bowling centres in Toronto; bowling birthday parties are a definite hit at Planet Bowl!