Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Company Success

It is a well-accepted fact that any company owes its success to its people. Yes, technology and other factors play a part but people, at all levels; are the actual driving force behind innovations, output, sales, customer delight, revenue, profits, growth and any other parameter of success one can think of! And this is what makes celebrating company success with those who have carved it and giving credit where it’s due is so important.


Let’s discuss some great ways to celebrate your company success with your employees

  1. A culture of celebration: Make celebrating a part of your organizational culture. Success should not be measured quarterly or annually. Great organizations make success a habit and do not wait for months to celebrate. Rather, they celebrate even small successes with small gestures like ordering a cake or a pizza for the team or having monthly allowances that allows each manager or departmental head to reward exceptional performance.
  2. Start a tradition: Starting a tradition around every milestone that a company reaches is another great idea. It can be something as simple as ringing a bell for every target achieved to having a monthly town hall to celebrate success and reward those who have played an important role in it in the presence of all employees. Another tradition that can make employees feel honored and an important part of the organization success is a date with the CEO. This can be a true learning experience for individual achievers and inspire others to do better too.
  3. Throw a fun party: Nothing excites people more than a well planned, fun party. If you are celebrating a huge achievement or an anniversary, make sure people realize the importance of that event. How about throwing this party in a bowling arena? Bowling is a fun activity and people would love to come to attend it. Build up enough hype around the party through posters and pre-party events. Create fun e-mail invitations for employees clearly mentioning the party theme, encourage employees to come up with individual and team performances, confirm if the venue has a dance area, make proper arrangements for food and drinks, and ensure attendance of top brass for R&R. The idea is to create an opportunity for employees for letting their hair down and having some fun after months of hard work.
  4. Plan team activities: Plan team outings and activities that help in building trust and bonding between team members. Planning a weekend rafting or sailing trip or an evening out bowling or playing pool presents an excellent opportunity to combine team building with celebrating performance.
  5. Giving time off: Not many top honchos will approve of it, but the fact remains that employees do sacrifice a lot of personal time to keep the company’s flag flying high. Getting some time to spend with family and friends is one of the best ways of celebrating success. We are not talking a full-fledged vacation here; even a half-day off combined with movie tickets or discount coupons will greatly lift employee morale. After all, organization’s success is also employee’s success and celebrating it with family makes it even more special!

While there are many other ways to celebrate your company’s success, the ones mentioned above are most popular. Everybody loves to enjoy, and what better way than to celebrate it with your employees.

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