10 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy This Summer

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Summers are fun time for children as they look forward to dollops of ice cream and cool, colorful, and refreshing drinks. However, summers also mean hot and dry weather that can take a serious toll on your child’s health.

Let’s take a look at these 10 ways to keep your child healthy summer.

  1. Keep your house cool – Resist the temptation to open windows or curtains and blinds the moment you get up. It will only end up making the house uncomfortably hot. Also, children tend to feel the heat even more than adults, and it’s better to use a fan or air conditioners to maintain the temperature indoors.
  2. Keep your children well-hydrated – Make sure your child is taking enough fluids to make up for the loss of water through sweating. Most children do not want to drink plain water frequently and you need to entice them with a variety of liquids like fruit juices, sorbets, lemonades, etc. At the same time, avoid adding too much sugar to the drink and if possible, go for fresh fruit juices instead of packaged ones.
  3. Avoid junk: Prepare healthy snacks – Summers are synonymous with long days, and growing children tend to get hungry every few hours. While they tend to gravitate towards junk food like chips and cola, it is up to you to keep them on the right track by involving them in making healthy snacks like vegetable sandwiches, fruit salads, frozen yogurt, etc.
  4. Dress your child in cotton clothes and head gear – It is better to not allow children to play outdoors while the heat is at its peak, however, you can’t stop them completely from going out. Encourage them to wear light cotton clothes and summer hats or caps while going out in the sun to avoid feeling dizzy and to protect their skin from heat rashes.
  5. Art and craft classes – Children tend to get restless when they have nothing to do and the only solution in sight in such a case is the ubiquitous television. Try to enroll your child in art and craft classes or other hobby classes like drama, music (learning a musical instrument or vocal), abacus, robotics, etc. depending on his/her interest area.

Staying active is important for both physical and mental health of your child and early mornings and late evenings are great for some outdoor fun activities.


  1. Cycling – Children grow faster during summers and you must take full advantage of this fact by ensuring they ride their bikes everyday for at least 30-45 minutes. This will help them in building muscle strength and stamina, and gaining height faster.
  2. Swimming – Another great way of keeping your children healthy and happy in summers is getting them to swim regularly. Of course, you must ensure that your child is swimming under supervision and the pool is cleaned regularly to avoid the risk of drowning or falling sick.
  3. Dancing – Let your child dance away to health. Dancing refreshes the mind and is a great exercise for kids and adults alike. Moreover, it’s also the “in thing” to do.
  4. Going to the park – Most playgrounds today have evolved from the basic swings and slides days and there are a whole lot of activities that one can do there. And even if your neighborhood playground is just that – a playground with no frills, it is still a safe area for your kids to play with friends.
  5. Sports clubs: These clubs usually offer a variety of both indoor and outdoor games as well as coaching. Joining a sports club, if you have one nearby, will ensure that even your hard-to-please child finds some game that will take his fancy and keep him happily and actively occupied.




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