Heard of Cosmic Bowling? It’s out of this world! Read on to find out more

cosmic bowling toronto mississauga

What exactly is cosmic bowling?

Picture this: The lights are dimmed. Ear-splitting music rocks the room. The disco ball rolls. Neon lasers flash around the room. Welcome to cosmic bowling – The ultimate glow in the dark bowling experience that will rock your senses!

Cosmic bowling is not just regular 10-pin bowling. Depending on your bowling centre your cosmic bowling experience may include a light show, a fog machine and even a DJ to keep the bowling centre rocking for an awesome bowling event for the whole family or a fun-filled evening for friends.

Take the cosmic bowling tour…

Imagine the pins lighting up. That’s right! In cosmic bowling the pins glow in the dark and so do some of the bowling balls, gutters and more! That is primarily why the game is played in low light conditions. This fluorescent effect gives the entire centre a “cosmic” feel – hence the name cosmic bowling. Many bowling centres offer cosmic bowling for both adults and children. Children especially love the entire glow in the dark bowling experience and are especially entertained when their clothes (whites) glow in the dark! Many bowling alleys may even offer cosmic themed bowling parties for kids birthdays so that is something worth checking out if your child’s birthday is around the corner.

Cosmic bowling is most popular at night especially since a dance club atmosphere is created. Many centres offer this kind of bowling on events or special occasions like New Years or Halloween which can be extra fun and exciting. Some centres even offer a special prize if a pin of a particular colour is at the front of the pins set and you bowl a strike! This adds to the fun and competition.

Bright neon lighting, techno music and bowling in the dark may not be for you if you are a professional bowler – you might find the lights and loud music distracting. In this case it’s best to call the centre and go at a time when regular 10-pin bowling is available. However, if you want to introduce your kids to bowling, cosmic bowling is a fun way to get them to start and enjoy bowling!

If you reside in the Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke or Brampton area check out Planet Bowl for our awesome cosmic “X-treme” bowling nights. The X-treme glow in the dark party starts at 8pm and goes all the way till 2am. If you want to inquire about a bowling party, corporate event or have any general questions feel free to give us a call at 416-695-2695 anytime during our business hours or you can email us at [email protected].

Quite simply put, X-treme bowling at Planet Bowl is like being at a disco, with a bowling ball. You really have to try it for yourself to see what it’s all about!