Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Everyone deserves to celebrate in style the one day in the whole year that is truly theirs – their birthday. Birthdays are even more special for kids who begin the countdown months before and are super excited by the time their birthday actually arrives. And if it’s a girl’s birthday, well, think pretty dresses and matching accessories that make them look and feel like the princesses from fairy tales that they so adore. So if you are planning a birthday party for your little girl or , why not have a theme for it that will make the day even more memorable for her and for her guests!

Here are some fun girls birthday party ideas to help you along:

Favorite Cartoon Character


Bring in your daughter’s birthday with her favorite characters: Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Dora, Princess Sofia, Alice, Cinderella, etc. You can send printed theme-based invites and ask your guests to dress up as your chosen character or if you are having a “dress up as your favorite character” party, ask everyone to just add an accessory that would help others identify which character they are dressed as. You can have theme-based cake, snacks and decoration for the venue. If you have chosen characters like Mickey and Donald, you can probably plan a Mickey Mouse Club House Party with a cartoon-quiz or a treasure hunt thrown in.

Girlie Fun Party

If it’s an all-girls party, let your little Divas (age group 5-7) have some girlie fun with a Barbie theme. In your invitation, ask each of your daughter’s friends to bring their favorite doll with a dress. You can plan activities around the dolls; they can wash the doll’s hair using mild shampoo, give them a new hairstyle (you can have a competition around it) and dress them up. This may seem like a little messy but you can ask each girl to use the bathroom sink one by one and tie a pink apron while they give the dolls a wash. Make sure you are present to supervise the process though. You can also add elements of a tea party to the event; take out your daughter’s toy tea set for the dolls and serve tea and tiny biscuit-based attractive snacks to the guests. Play Aqua’s I’m a Barbie Girl and other tracks for girls to dance on. All of this can be followed by the cake cutting with a Barbie-shaped cake or at least a cake with a pretty pink icing. For return gifts, you can have a small nail-art set or Barbie Pink nail polishes, or other such gifts as per your budget.

Garden Theme

When the weather is just right, planning a garden party can be loads of fun for everyone involved. Ask everyone to have a head gear in the form of a butterfly, ladybug, caterpillar, birds or even flowers or any other creepy-crawly they are likely to encounter in a garden! This theme is perfect when you have both girls and boys as guests for the party. Try to be creative and have theme based colorful bug topping for your snacks (easy to achieve with cookies, bread and cup cakes) as well as the cake. You can have a small quiz where children have to guess the names of insects, birds and flowers based on clues.

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