Tips On How To Make A Birthday Party With A Princess Theme

Which little girl doesn’t love the beautiful princesses in the fairy tales that her parents read to her at bedtime and doesn’t end up imagining herself as one in all her dreams? Go ahead and make her dreams come true by planning a princess birthday party on her special day. From throwing a tea party a la Princess Sofia of Disney to playing the fairy god mother, everything can be achieved to your little one’s satisfaction with some great planning, creativity, and of course, a little advice from us.

Here are a few tips on how to make a birthday party with a princess theme


Décor: Keep the major color theme as pink, lavender or purple (after all, isn’t it the color purple associated with royalty). Use plain cloth in any of these colors as table cloth or to drape your sofa. Buy some princess party decoration material like crowns, ribbons, beautiful candelabras and vases for decorating tables. Set the table in small princess themed cups and saucers and theme-based tissues.

Costume: Now costumes are a really important part of any princess party. Make sure you get the grandest party gown with dazzling stone embellishments for your daughter. With all her guests turning out in their finest gowns, you’d want the birthday girl to stand out and make an impression. Accessorize her dress with artificial jewelry and a sparkling clutch; however, make sure that she’s comfortable in her dress. Perhaps it’s better to have a rehearsal a couple of days ahead of the party and make any required alterations beforehand. And yes, don’t forget the crown (or tiara)!

Games and Activities: Though there are a lot of princess party games available in the market, you can also create some simple ones on your own. For example, you could have a Princess Quiz with questions based on Disney princesses and fairy tale princesses. Depending on the age group, you can also ask each guest to give clues to a fairy tale and others can guess the name. Another great idea is treasure hunting. Give a twist to it by making the guests look for Cinderella’s glass slippers or perhaps a ring or a crown. If you have the budget for it, you can get a tattoo expert to do temporary princess-theme tattoos for each of the guests. You can also look for online printable material for games like Kiss the Frog, Make your princess story, etc.

Snacks and Cake: Like everything else, the snacks too should reflect your chosen theme. You can have fairy cakes with enticing toppings, edible jewelry, crown shaped sandwiches, fruit wands, colorful fruit drinks and cakes in the shape of a castle, princess or a crown.

Return gifts: If you are going to play fairy god mother or get someone else to do it for you, make sure you have enough chocolates and other small gifts to give out to the children. Be a little imaginative in playing the part, you may want a fancy for yourself as well!

Preparing in advance is the key to having a successful birthday party and while you are at it, be sure to send out hand-crafted customized invitation cards to all your daughter’s royal friends!

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