Top 6 Places for Indoor Birthday Parties in Mississauga

There’s nothing easier to arrange than a birthday party hosted at an indoor location in Mississauga, especially during the winter when the temperatures can fall below 3 degrees C. For smaller kids you can go for play centers with bars, ladders and slides, while for older kids you can find play centers that have rock-climbing structures or arcades. Most of these indoor places have food available for the party so it’s a win-win situation for the parents as well as the kids. indoor birthday party

Here are the top 6 places for hosting indoor birthday parties in Mississauga that you should consider:

  1. Playdium: This place is huge, covering an area of more than 40,000 sq ft area with video and arcade games, go-karts and a restaurant. There are over 200 high-tech attractions, rides and simulators. This park caters for both adults as well as kids. After playing and having fun, your guests can stop at Playdium’s diner to feast. Here you get a variety of food like pizza, snacks, appetizers, etc. This place offers several birthday packages to choose from.
  2. Planet Bowl: This is one of the top venues to hold indoor birthday parties in Mississauga. There are three private party rooms available here and they can accommodate 16 kids, 24 kids and 28 kids max. it is a clean facility with modern amenities and a full size kitchen.
  3. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park: If you want your kids and their friends to have a 3-D play experience, then Sky Zone is perfect. This is the world’s first all-trampoline, walled playing court that is suited to all ages. Here you will get unmatched fun! This place ensures that guests get a real adrenalin rush.
  4. Mega Fun 4 Kids: For kids from 0-7 years, this is a great place. While it is open to the public from Monday to Friday, it is closed during weekends in order to host private birthday parties. If you want babysitting facilities, you can ask for their special services. However, your child needs to be potty-trained.
  5. The Secret Palace: This is one place where princes and princesses of all ages will be enchanted. They have packages for kids from 4-12 years. This place is budget friendly and you can host a 2-hour private theme party for $330 or less. They also offer discounts on certain packages. Since catering services are also available you won’t have anything to do at all.
  6. Fantasy Fair: This is an indoor entertainment park that is geared towards providing fun for younger children. Being one of the best venues for indoor birthday parties it has a great reputation. There are several rides, including a Ferris wheel, train, and merry-go-round. When your kids get tired of playing and running around, they can indulge in the food served here.

For children, their birthdays are perhaps the most important event of the year. They expect the best and they look forward to their birthday so much that we as parents really want to make them enjoyable. Hosting birthday parties at outdoor locations is fine as long as it is summer. But hosting it outdoors during winter is almost impossible, and hosting indoor birthday parties at home can be a messy affair. So it is best to host them at places where your kids will enjoy themselves. Give your child a birthday party he or she will remember forever!


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